Ultra Thin MacBook Pro Coming In April?

We have been hearing rumors for some time that Apple will launch a newly designed MacBook Pro this year, the new MacBook Pro is rumored to have a much thinner design than the existing model.

The new design is said to be much more like Apple’s ultra thin MacBook Air, and now according to a recent report by Digitimes, we may see these new MacBook Pro’s in April.

MacBook Pro

The report says that Apple will launch a new ultra slim 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro, something we have heard previously, although there is no mention on what Apple intends to do with the 17 inch MacBook Pro.

It will be interesting to see what the new MacBook Pro’s are like, and we suspect a 15 inch version which is as thin as the MacBook Air may end up being incredibly popular.

Source Gadgetsteria


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