Uguard Resing Skin iPhone Case Provides Extra Gripping Power

Uguard has a range of iPhone cases which have been designed to provide you with a little more gripping power when needed. Making it almost impossible for the case to slip off a desktop or sloped surface.

Uguard iPhone Resin Case

The Uguard Resin iPhone cases are so sticky infact, that you can attached them to windows if necessary to be able to take photos or watch media. If you feel the urge to do that sort of thing with your expensive smartphone. Uguard explains:

“All our guards, are an alternative to bulky cases that alter the industrial design of your device. We always use top-quality, durable and anti-UV materials, that at the same time allow you for an easy application and removal, without leaving sticky residues.”

As well as offering sticky characteristics, the resin cases also provide superior scratch protection, and are now available to purchase in a variety of clouds for €15.50.

Uguard iPhone Resin Case

Source: Oh Gizmo

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