Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolin Arriving April 2012

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced that a new release of Ubuntu code-named “Precise Pangolin” is set to arrive during April 2012. Shuttleworth has been looking forward on his recent blog post past the next highly anticipated release of Ubuntu 11.10, “Oneiric Ocelot.” which will be arriving on October 13th 2011.


Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth explains his ideas for Ubuntu 12.04 :

“12.04 is an LTS. So we want it to be tough and long-lasting, reliable, solid as a rock and well defended. It’s also going to be the face of Ubuntu for large deployments for a long time, so we want it to have no loose ends, we want it to be coherent, neat.”

Oneiric Ocelot, or Ubuntu 11.10, is, Canonical’s Ubuntu distribution of the free and open source Linux operating system, which now has a new kernel, now based on version 3.0.4; an updated GNOME desktop (currently version 3.1.92 on the way to GNOME 3.2); and improved support for installing 32-bit library and application packages on 64-bit systems.

Source: Mark Shuttleworth : Liliputting

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  • Goober

    Ubuntu on a 10 or 12 inch Kindle Tablet. That’s what I want to see.

  • KDog67

    In a technical way, already gonna happen