Ubooly Turns Your iPhone Into A Toy That Teaches

Sure the iPhone lets you play casual games and do all kinds of other things, but there are also mobile apps focused on education and early development that are important as well. Though they could be better. Now a team has developed a simple way to merge toys with iOS apps for the education of our geeklings.

Ubooly was created by Carly Gloge and her husband Isaac. It’s basically a plush toy for your iPhone that interacts with your child. This toy can cover a wide range of learning situations. The plush toy and app cost $50 and updated learning games will be released for $1-$3 daily. Sounds pretty good for lots of learning on the cheap.

This kickstarter project is over the halfway point for funding. If you like where this is going, give them a donation and help kids learn with a cute iToy.

Source Dvice

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