Twitter Might Soon Let Users Edit Their Tweets

Twitter is great and it is a lot of fun to use, but one thing that many users have wanted for a long time is the ability to edit their tweets. Right now, there is no way to edit a tweet, except for actually deleting the entire tweet. That may soon change according to The Desk’s Matthew Keys, who thinks that Twitter is currently working on an edit function that will allow users to edit their tweets “slightly”, and only one time.
twitter edit
It looks like Twitter doesn’t want the overall message of the tweet to be changed entirely. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the rumored feature, but here’s the run down on how it is supposed to work. After you publish a tweet, the edit button will appear for only a brief period of time. The exact time frame that you have to edit is unknown.

The user will be able to correct typos or any grammatical errors, or maybe even edit a hashtag and other small changes, but the overall message will remain more or less the same. Well, we will have to wait and see if this comes to pass. Many companies work on potential changes that never see the light of day.

Source Ubergizmo