Toshiba OLED TV Wallpaper

Imagine a future where we no longer have a large LCD or Plasma TV cluttering up our living room, instead OLED wallpaper which delivers our content direct onto the wall.

Toshiba OLED TV Wallpaper

Engineers at Toshiba in Japan are on their way to making OLED TV Wallpaper, which will allow you to wallpaper any wall you choose with a very thin OLED screen.

“The wallpaper uses light that has been redirected by an ultra-fine grating that is fabricated by self-assembled nano particles.” It would seem that the effect might be similar to that of a Fresnel lens like those used in traffic lights, amplifying the intensity without requiring additional energy.”

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, imagine being able to paper a 100 inch screen on your wall, that would be the only chance I would have of getting a screen that size in our house.

Inventor Spot via Gadget Venue

Image Credit: Tresling

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