Tinke iPhone Health Accessory Launches

If you’re health-conscious iPhone user a new accessory has surfaced that promises to track things such as the amount of oxygen in your blood, your heart rate, and your respiratory rate. The accessory is made by company called Zensorium and is the Tinke. The device plugs into the sync port of the iPhone.

iPhone 5 users will need the Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter. When connected to the iPhone, the device works in conjunction with a free application that provides the ability to read and store health information from the accessory. The app stores to custom numbers called the Vita and Zen.

The Vita Index is a personalized cardiorespiratory score that combines data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and respiratory rates. The Zen Index uses heart rate variability as its basis to provide a personalized score for stress. The accessory is available right now for $119.

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