This Is A Clock That Hides Time

Try guessing what it’s called. Come on, give it a try! What do you think?

Pictured bellow is a creation of Morven Mackenzie, who wanted to make some sort of statement about our fast-paced modern work lives where time and labor are so closely intertwined. Still don’t have a clue what it’s called? Okay, how about a hint: When we’re over with another hard day’s work, what do we want the most?


Peace is what we want. Enough peace for out thoughts and for those around us. From peaces burst forth the zest of life.

Alright, the poetry done with, here comes the big reveal. It’s called the TimePeace, a concept for University of Dundee’s product design program. As the pic above indicates, it lights up and shows the actual time when pressed. But when not, then it’s zip. Time is precious, leisure enriches life, so forget time and enjoy leisure.

Source Ubergizmo

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