This armchair is also a rowing machine

If you are a couch potato who doesn’t want to get up, this chair can provide some exercise without having to get up. The GEWOS armchair was created by researchers at Germany‚Äôs Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits. The prototype looks like a normal cushioned armchair, but it has an integrated rowing machine.
It is more of a fitness assistant than a full on workout station. It has sensors built into the armrest, backrest and seat cushions that measure the oxygen saturation and heartbeat of the seated person. It will tell you if you are sitting in the chair in the correct posture or not and give info about your weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

The idea is that it would be a great way for seniors to workout and stay healthy. Maybe they can put some in rest homes and see if it makes a real world difference.

Source Gizmowatch

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