Thinksound Rain Headphones Review

Thinksound make headphones designed to be used with your MP3 player like the iPod Touch or the iPhone, although they are slightly different than some of the other headphones on the market as they have been designed to deliver a quality sound and have been manufactured to produce the smallest eco-footprint possible.

There are a couple of different models available, the ones we have tested for this review are called the Thinksound Rain, and the headphones features a 9mm in ear high definition headphone with passive noise isolation.

Thinksound Rain Headphones Review

The ear buds are made primarily from wood, and come in two finished black chocolate and silver cherry, the model pictured is the silver cherry version.

In the box you get a pair of the headphones, a cotton carrying pouch, a clip so you can attached the headphones to your shirt or jacket and also a range of different sized ear buds to fit most ears.

Thinksound Rain Headphones Review

The headphones are very well made, and I like the design, the facet that the ear buds are made from wood gives them a unique look and other materials used include aluminum and the cable is PVC free and designed to be tangle resistant.

Sound wide, the Thinksound Rain headphones sound very good, the sound is clear and crisp and clean sound, although they can sound lacking on bass on certain types of music like Hip Hop and rock.

Overall they are definitely worth a look, and we really liked the design, and the idea behind using wood and as many as possible sustainable materials.

You can find out more details about the Thinksound Rain headphones over at Thinksound, they are available for $99.99.

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