The World’s Smallest Wireless Mouse

Check out this tiny wireless mouse, measuring 38 x 68 x 28 mm, the OTAS e-blue PEQUENO 2.4GHz wireless mouse.

The World's Smallest Wireless Mouse

As you can see from the photo this tiny wireless mouse fits in the palm of your hand and has to be the World’s smallest wireless mouse, if anyone knows of a smaller one let us know.

The World's Smallest Wireless Mouse

It also comes with a tiny wireless dongle which measures 19 x 14 x 6mm and weighs just 1.8 g.

This tiny wireless mouse has a resolution of up to 1600 dpi and uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, it is compatible with PC’s and MAC’s.

This tiny wireless mouse would be an ideal partner for your netbook, if you want one they are available for $63.00 from Geekstuff4u.

via Akihabara News

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  • Ken

    the smaller the mouse is, the more uncomfortable you’ll feel when navigating the computer with the mouse. But it will become a good solution for traveler to save some more space for storage some more mini gadget in their bag! Pretty good.

  • Phil Campbell

    want! :)

  • Gadgetlike

    At what point do gadgets like this wireless mouse become too small to be useable? Won’t this small, smaller, smallest pattern have to end sometime?

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  • hashpotato

    the mouse so small you can store it in your nostril to save space in your suitcase.

  • jbscrockettkid

    i saw a smaller one at target