The World’s cheapest Linux Laptop – The Bestlink Alpha 400

Another company has got in on the action with an inexpensive Linux sub notebook designed to rival the Asus Eee PC.

bestlink alpha 400

Unlike the rest of the competitors, this one may actually have a chance of becoming popular becuase of the price.

A single Bestlink Alpha 400 will cost you either $219 for the 1GB model or $250 for the 2GB model, which is very affordable, and if you want to buy in bulk, say for a school or an office they will only cost you $180 each.

The Bestlink Alpha 400 features a 400MHZ Xburst CPu, 128MB of Ram and a choice of either 1GB or 2GB of flash storage.

It features a 7 inch display with a resolution of 800 x 400 and will run Linux or Windows CE.

There is also the option to expand the storage via an SD card, unfortunately there is no WiFi built in but it does come with a WiFi dongle.

Here’s the specs

  • Processor: XBurst 400 MHz 32-bit CPU
  • Display Terminal: 7 Digital Panel 800 X 480 true-color
  • RAM: 128M
  • Storage: 1GB or 2GB Max. NAND Flash
  • USB port: 3 ports
  • External Storage: SD card rabbit
  • Earphone and Mic jack
  • Input Device: standard keyboard and mouse
  • Broadband Interface: 10/100MB Ethernet interface
  • Network access: ADSL, Wi-Fi, CDMA, GPRS (optional)
  • Dimension: 21.2 X 14.2 X 3.3cm
  • Weight: 0.70kgs

The specs aren’t that impressive, but the price is cheap, I am sure the Bestlink Alpha 400 is going to be a hit simply because of the price.

Product Page via Tech Digest

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  • Nick

    That does sound pretty good. Although it does seem weird that they couldn’t build in wireless but still provide a free wireless dongle. It also seems like it would be pretty hard to fit anything useful on 2 GB of flash and 128 MB of RAM. Although I’m sure linux would easily scale, I doubt anything like Firefox would, so there would be limited internet functionality, as well as other things.

  • kokesh

    Well… there is one little minus – seller writes, that as long it is not an intel machine, you can’t install other apps. Sweet, isn’t it? Seems to be not x86 compatible