The Wampug Strikes Back

Few things in life are as scary as meeting a Wampa monster face to face. Just ask Luke Skywalker. One almost killed him in The Empire Strikes Back. Thankfully he was able to use the force and get his lightsaber. Just as Wampas are so terrifying, nothing is so cute as a pug dog dressed up like a Wampa.

So, someone put this pug in a costume to make it look like a wampa. The end result is a cute Wampug. This Wampug is named Chubbs(He’s not really that chubby) and he is a talented actor. Watch as he re-enacts a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. This is geek gold my friends.

I hope George Lucas is paying attention. This is far better than his re-edits of the movies. Chubbs deserves an Oscar.

Source io9

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