The Walking iPad Robot

We have seen a few robots made using the iPhone before here at Geeky Gadgets, I think it is possibly the first iPad robot we have seen. The Walking iPad robot was created by Terasaki-san, who has also created some cool iPhone robots in the past.

The Walking iPad Robot

You can see the walking iPad robot in action in the video below.

I am sure we will probably see quite a few more iPad robots over the next few months, this one does look like fun, unfortunately we couldn’t find any instructions on how to build your own.

Robot Dreams via Bot Junkie

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  • Dylan

    did it actually walk? i didnt see it move very far forward if at all. other thn that its pretty cool sell it as a stand even.

  • Varun Mlahotra

    Dear Admin Please Correct this line “I think is is possibly the first iPad robot we have seen”. Thanks for nice post:)

  • Danish

    Truly awesome and a nice concept. It shows in future we will go on walk with our iPad Robots :)

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Varun

    Thanks for pointing out the typo :)

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