The U Board

Here is a useful desk accessory, which is designed to give you some extra desktop space, the U Board.

The U Board is basically a 5mm thick glass shelf which you place your monitor on or even your laptop, to give you some extra space underneath the shelf.

The U Board

This one is slightly different than some of the versions we have seen before, as it features a rather usefulĀ  built in 3 ports USB 2.0 hub, as well as a cup holder which could come in handy.

Unfortunately it looks like the U Board is only available in at the moment for about $50, lets hope we see these in the US and Europe soon.

Product Page via The Red Ferret

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  • Aaron Vail

    This is totally awesome!!!!! I really need one of those!

  • Samirs

    The U-Board available in US now. You can order from Amazon.