The Spokeless Bicycle Wheel

Students at Yale university have developed a spokeless bicycle wheel , as you can see from the photo only the rear wheel is spokeless, this was done for cost reasons as the prototype was expensive to produce.

The nine students developed the wheel as part of their mechanical engineering project, and the design would allow for both wheels to be made spokeless.

The Spokeless Bicycle Wheel

The Spokeless Bicycle Wheel

It certainly seems like a very clever design, and apparently the spokeless wheel would allow for easy integration with an electric motor.

Very cool, who knows in the future all bicycles could end up being spokeless, I wonder how strong it is, obviously the students took that into consideration when building the wheel.

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  • Auriette

    Spokeless wheels look really cool. I recall seeing a segment on television about the Italian Designer/Engineer Sbarro. I think that’s his name (I recall thinking about the pizza company when I saw the story on TV). Anyway, he does a lot of work with Ferrari, and he had designed a motorcycle with spokeless wheels. I don’t know what ever became of that. I’ve often wondered why we aren’t seeing more spokeless wheels on the roads, because it is wicked cool.

  • bikes for sale

    Spokeless design concepts have been around from long time but none of any auto company started its actual productions.But I appreciate the work done by Yale shool students.Very cool and clever design.