The Sequel To The Thermocromic Urinal (Not)

Gotcha! Truth is this post has nothing to do with the Thermocromic Urinal that lights up every time it gets splashed with whiz. This is at least mildly related and involves no small amount of handyman smarts. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Snes Urinal. What’s that smell? That’s success, baby. The smell of success.

SNES Urinal

Success on this build will be very much hard earned if you follow the steps set forth. The key ingredient is lots of old Snes cartridges you don’t feel bad about since they’re gonna get torn apart.


Don’t forget to scrape together some cash too for a quick visit to the local hardware store. According to the instructions page, it takes sealant, a bunch of gaming cartridges, and a valve (to name a few) before you’re ready for the endeavor.

Check this out:


The instructions are dead simple and the finished work is a beaut. We’re not sure about how effective it’s at being a receptacle for whiz. Looks like a lot of unnecessary splashing will have to be mitigated when using this Snes monstrosity.



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  • Ivan Antochiw

    disgusting…  couldn’t they at least use blue water instead of (pee) yellow water? like in those diapers commercials

  • Ben Kirkness

    Brought to you by the same ppl who bought you wii