The HTC1 Smartphone Concept

Designer Andrew Kim has come up with a stunning concept for a new HTC smartphone which he calls the HTC1. As you can see from the photos the design looks amazing and we hope HTC have seen this becuase they should be considering this design for one of their future smartphones.

The HTC1 Concept features a large display and some of the parts are made from machined brass, as you can see from the photos there is a single Home button like on the iPhone and the rest of the controls are via the touchscreen.

HTC1 Smartphone ConceptHTC1 Smartphone Concept

HTC1 Smartphone Concept

Head on over to Design Fabulous for more details on this amazing HTC smartphone concept.

via Wired

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  • Dave

    Oh look, it’s an iphone.

  • Giovanni

    Dave you suck! It’s a beautiful design, go away you lametard!

  • Dave

    Another HTC phone to add to the family of over a hundred. But as I mentioned earlier, this one looks like an iphone.

    You have to admire the complete stupidity of their customer base. (see above)

  • Giovanni

    Erm, HTC didn’t design this if you read the article. Also I don’t even own a HTC phone Dave, I’m just saying the design is nice and you’re a noob for commenting about it when it is a concept phone, not an actual phone that is being made.

  • Roland Hutchinson

    @ Dave

    Thanks for your comments Dave, had you actually read the article you would have realized that this is a concept design, which was designed by designer Andrew Kim and not HTC.

  • David

    Yes Woland, I understand that, I’m not a htc customer.

    But they produce so many phones, they have to morph into iPhones at some stage.

    But look who I’m talking to.

  • Giovanni

    Roland, correction.

    Yeah, you should of just said that instead of saying what you did, use your brain, if you can that is. It’s people like you that just shows how dumb this world is. Thanks for your input on this article, it wasn’t needed at all. And I’m happy to see someone else back me up on this so I know I am not alone on this planet with people like David.

  • Dave

    Well bitten Woland. Maybe you’ll be as quick to defend any iphone articles the same way? I mean if you can stop stroking your own ego and htc of course :)

  • Roland Hutchinson


    I happen to be an iPhone owner, I am not going to get into any further discussion with you in the comments, if you want to discuss this further feel free to drop me an email

  • Giovanni

    Dave, David, whoever you are good on ya. Knowing you are wrong and leaving the discussion like a whimp. I am honoured to have been involved in something as amazing as this. Roland, it was good knowing you.

  • Dave

    I’m surprised that admin would get so wound up by a little comment. Still Woland you have your little friend to help you, he’s an obedient little servant.

    Has taken the comments you get on your pointless articles through the roof this week. I thought you’d be happy.

  • Giovanni

    ¬¬ Lame.

  • Talha2000

    This is a dumb design.

  • Satya

    nice design…