The Grillbot is a Roomba for your grill

The Grillbot is a robot that cleans your grill. Think of it as a tiny, heat-resistant Roomba with three small brushes that spin to remove the grease and grime from your grill as it moves.
It will work on gas or charcoal grills, and you can use these bots while the grill is still hot. The robot is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a small LCD to program it for either a light or deep clean. It also has an LCD alarm and timer, replaceable brushes, and rechargeable batteries.

The inventor took a few years and a spent a tn of money developing the device. Between the heat and uneven surface of the grill, it was a challenge. Ethan Woods used to clean his grill using a wire brush attached to a power drill. It worked great, but a robot can do it for you, which is even better.

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