The first LEGO Simpsons set looks great

Simpsons fans have been waiting for an official LEGO set forever now. I mean the show has been on for over 20 years now and nothing. Zero. But fans endured. They waited and waited. And waited. Waited some more. And finally we now have our first glimpse at the very first Simpsons LEGO set. And it looks like it was well worth the wait too.
Yes, you are looking at the first LEGO Simpsons set. This set was uncovered by Eurobricks user Carlos S, so you can thank him. While we don’t have any details about it, we do have the box, which tells us a lot. To start with, it has 2523 pieces. It also comes with six minifigs. That’s the full family plus Flanders. Shut up Flanders! The car is even parked in the garage. Is that an uzi that Maggie is holding?

It looks pretty amazing and the detail is pretty sweet. While we don’t have a price, this is obviously going to be an expensive set. Hardcore Simpsons fans will still buy it no doubt, but it will eat into your video game and comic book money for sure.

Source Gizmodo

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