The Coolest Gadgets we missed this week – 15th November 2008

coolest gadgets

As usual there have been lots of cool and interesting gadgets featured on geeky gadgets over the past week.

Unfortunately I havent been able to feature them all, so here is a round up of some of the coolest gadgets and some other cool stuff that we missed this week.

Cool Steampunk Phone Brings Up the Past

Finally an Affordable Alienware Desktop PC

Samsungs Super Bright Outdoor Display

Mgestyk Fusion: the Force is 6-degrees strong with this one

DIY Dice Wall Clock

Norton To Release Gamer-Friendly Antivirus Software

A Coffee With A Smile

Tectoy Zeebo 3G Budget Gaming Console

5 Essential T-Shirts for the WoW Geek

S.O.S. Sinking Bowl

Nyko Wing: Nintendo Wii Wireless Controller

LMac Touch Concept Idea

Bang & Olufsens BeoSound 5: looks daft, but hey

Mac Cube Takes A Stand

ASUSs new Bamboo Notebook Series Unveiled

Digital Camera GiftCard from Target

Exclusive Press Photos Revealed: the Samsung Eternity

Yo! And Hip Hop was born in the UK

Virgin Media unveils new sexy 50Mbps broadband modem

Silverlit R/C Chopper with Spy Satellite & Lasers

Red ready to release epic redesign

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  • Ken

    Wow, thanks for the mention mate! Seems like your list is growing big every week! Great job! :)

  • Mike

    Hey Roland,

    Exceptional list you have here. Look forward to taking my time going through these additional gadgets.