The Coffee Powered Car

Update: 10th March 2010

It turns out that the coffee powered car hasn’t yet made the trip from London to Manchester, this is happening tomorrow, and the car actually runs on used coffee grounds, so I guess it wouldn’t be all that expensive to run after all.

The Car-puccino is a car that runs entirely on coffee, it was built by the team from the BBC science program ‘Bang Goes The Theory‘, using an old Volkswagen Scirocco from 1988, which was bought for £400.

The car runs completely on coffee granules, the granules are out into a gas cylinder and then heated to 700c in a charcoal fire which makes the coffee break down into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The Coffee Powered Car

The gas is then fed into some radiator pipes that are on the cars roof and it cools down. This gas is then fed into two filters which are inside the boot of the car, one is a cyclone filter which removes any solid matter, and the other filters out the hot tar and stops it getting to the engine. The clean gas is then fed to the engine, where it burns and powers the engine.

The team who invented the car have managed to drive it 210 miles from Manchester to London powered only by the roasted coffee granules, although it seems it could be an expensive way to travel costing around 56 espressos per mile.

Daily Mail via Dvice

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  • lizard

    ” …to a gas cylinder and then heated to 700c in a charcoal fire ”

    charcoal fire! …runs completely on coffee… EPIC FAIL

  • Patti

    I want to know it’s charcoal-per-mile usage.

  • Lee

    Even though it uses charcoal its still likely to be better for the environment than the average 6litre V8 monster on the roads in the good ‘ol’ USA

  • Manson

    Of course the coffee would have to be tranformed into another form.A charcoal car is still pretty EPIC.

  • Nick Watson

    Dear interweb,

    I’d like to correct the Daily Mail joke of a journalist who has put out incorrect information. The car has not done the drive from London to Manchester yet – it will do so 11/03/10. It runs on USED coffee grounds, ie waste.

    Thank you

    Nick Watson

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for letting us know, we have updated the article. Good luck with the drive from London to Manchester :)

  • Martin Bacon

    There is no charcoal used just used coffee i built it so know all this crap came from the Mail so get it right guys.