The Camera Lens Mug

We have already seen a thermos flask shaped like a Canon lens before on Geeky Gadgets, now there is a fun mug that you can use for your morning coffee or even for you favourite beer, the Camera Lens Mug.

The Camera Lens Mug is designed to look like a Canon 24-105mm lens, and it even comes with a lens cap lid, plus rubber grip focus and zoom rings.

Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

Picture yourself sipping on a sweet tea vodka while basking in the sun or having the coolest desk in the office with your lenticular jelly-bean holder or scooping a delicious ice-cream fudge sundae out of your amazingly versatile lens mug. You can even turn it into a nifty flower-pot!

If you want one, the Camera Lens Mug is available for $24 from Photojojo.

via Gizmodo

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