The Apple iPad – Apple’s Tablet Gets Official

Apple [AAPL] has finally announced the Apple Tablet, and it is called the Apple iPad, and it designed to be a device between an iPhone and Laptop. The Apple iPad is designed to be used for email, web browsing, photos, video, music, games and eBooks, and as you can see from the photos it looks like a larger version of the iPhone.

The Apple iPad - Apple's Tablet Gets Official

The Apple iPad features a built in accelerometer just like the iPhone so you can use it in portait and landscape mode, and it also features an on screen keyboard just like the iPhone that you can use to type emails and browse the web. The iPad’s OS is from the iPhone, and it features the iTunes store built in just like the iPhone, and you can watch YouTube videos in HD, and also TV shows and movies from iTunes.

The Apple iPad

It also features a built in maps application, which is probably Google Maps, so that means it has built in GPS. The battery life on the Apple iPad seems impressive at 10 hours.

The Apple iPad - Apple's Tablet Gets Official

There is also built in 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Apple have enhanced the iPhone SDK to support development of applications for the iPad.

One of the major new features of the Apple iPad is iBooks, or electronic books, and iBooks is an application for the iPad that will let you read books, so basically it turns it into an ebook reader as well.

The Apple iPad - Apple's Tablet Gets Official

As you can see from the photo above, the iBook application interface looks like a bookshelf, very cool!.

It will also come with a re-designed version of iWork, which will come with a range of features, and you can import images from the photo application and then resize them and move them around.

Whats interesting is that if you want to edit a document, the standard keyboard pops up, but if you want to enter a spreadsheet, then a data entry keyboard pops up.

As well as coming with built in WiFi, there will be models of the iPad available with built in 3G, and the good news is that the data plans seem reasonable, $15 a month for 250MB of data or $30 a month for unlimited data.

The bad news is that it looks like the iPad will be available with AT&T, although you will get free use of AT&T WiFi hotspots, also you are not tied into any contact with AT&T.

It looks like the iPad 3G models are also unlocked so you could use it with any data provider. It will also use the new GSM micro SIMs. There ar no details as yet on international deals for the iPad with 3G although Apple has said that they hope to have international deals in place by June.

The best news in the announcement of the iPad has to be the price, lots of reports came in the it would cost around $999, good news it is going to cost $499 for the 16GB version with Wifi, $599 for the 32Gb version with WiFi and $699 for the 64GB version with WiFi.

The 3G models are slightly more expensive, 16GB 3G is $629, 32GB 3G is $729 and the 64GB 3G is $829.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

Update 27th January 2010

You can see full specifications and official photos of the new Apple iPad at the link below.

Apple iPad – Everything You Need To Now About The Apple Tablet

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  • iAmdisappoint

    So, basically it is the same as an iPhone, but more powerful and a bigger screen….

    I don’t see why the iPad announcement was supposed to blow everyone away, besides the fact that my mind was blown over the terrible name. Should have went with iSlate.

  • Seattle Wedding Photographer

    The iPad will be a fabulous tool for photographers. I can’t wait to get one.

  • dino

    go apple.
    go apple.
    gooo apple.



  • Multitasker

    So does this thing, like the iPhone, not have multitasking either???

  • Igor MKD

    As not mentioned…no phone calls were presented and still no frontal camera (not even for the 3G models????)
    I guess, video calls are also out of the question???

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Igor

    Yeah it doesn’t look like it will come with video.

  • Bubba Geek

    The Shuttle X500v running Linux looks more inviting to me.

    The iPad is a yawner, unless you’re a fried green tomato Mac fanboy. (this comment written from a MacBook Pro).

  • Reaper

    So… IT got Built IN wifi I mean comeon on the road trip and stuff and that’s good