The $16,000 Water Cooled PC

This has to be the craziest PC we have seen here at geeky gadgets, built by the guys at Puget Systems in cost a massive $16,000 to build.

So what exactly does spending $16,000 on a custom PC get you? This crazy PC features four quad core Opteron processors, 32GB of RAM and eight hard drives in various RAID configurations.

The $16,000 Water Cooled PC

As you can see from the photos, the $16,000 PC features a custom water cooling system, with a massive external radiator which features nine 120mm fans.

The $16,000 Water Cooled PC

The massive external fans run at 5V which means they are almost silent, but they manage to keep the processors running at 45 degrees C under full load and at 36 degrees C at idle.

The $16,000 Water Cooled PC

The $16,000 PC features two VelociRaptor hard drives in RAID 1 and six 1TB hard drives in Raid 5, that is a serious amount of hardware in one single PC.

The $16,000 Water Cooled PC

Toms Hardware via Slash Gear

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  • macobex

    What the hell. This is monstrous! I want this one so badly.!

  • McG

    I’ll take you out to Denny’s, after you’re bludgeoned and I steal this.

  • Cuppycake

    I’m curious about what applications this monster would be used for, aside from ego (among other things) stroking.

  • Eric

    Thats a helluva PC to play a 60 dollar PC game on.

  • Sean A. Rhodes

    But can it play Crysis?

  • Scott

    Haha, Sean…good question. I dunno…I think it might be able to. Just a hunch.

  • captaind

    And in about one year it will be antiquated.

  • Avisioncame

    Looks ugly as hell for 16,000. Why do they insist on making these ridiculous cases?

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  • .

    By the time captaind type their response… it was antiquated

  • Matt

    my guess would be for some kind of high-graphics game server.

  • grafton

    the owner is using it to do fractal artwork, and he got jacked on the price

  • Glenn

    Is it Green? hahaha!

  • Lull

    sounds like a wonky design to me.lots of space wow..lots of loud looking fans..CRAZY amount of memory i suppose if your doing alot of work with photo shop. its not a rendering rig may be a nice home made server tho.
    only one video card?. c’mon! for that money it would have like X3 sli or x4 crossfire..

    and 35-45? temperature!?!?! and its liquid cooled?! my air cool is same temperatures.. so much space i actually think this systems some kids
    porn rig.

    plus with all that ram 64bit os is a must but 64bit has some catching up to do.

    its a poop over bloated in one area underpowered and unnecessary in all others.

  • m45trkllr

    What the hell would this beast be used for?

  • Anonymous

    And it’ll only be worth ten bucks inside of a month…

  • Ekka

    Great! …I’ll be back in a month with my $10! \o/

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  • Fury

    All Hail the Munchkinmachine!

    16K is steep, even for that hardware. I can’t figure more than 9K going into it total.

    The thermal solution doesn’t look very efficient, either. A radiator of that size has a lot more potential than performance with the way they have it done. The cooling should be done in parallel with splitters, and not in series like they have it (they’re going to have huge temp variance from the first to last CPU). Also heat rises, and they’re fighting against the natural convection current every step of the way. Should turn the radiator a quarter to have the intake on the top, and reverse the flow through the CPU blocks.

    Not to mention the HDDs will overheat because they’re packed into those bay modules with no breathing room. The fan on the front of the module accounts for squat if they don’t use the thin drives or space them out. I would know: I have the same case and bay modules.

    Also, where are the other 4 drives?

    I have to wonder what the munchkin who bought it is going to use all this number crunching power for… 16K and he still can’t play Crysis on top settings, and knowing Munchkins… what else do they use these overpowered contraptions for apart from stroking their e-peens?

    Personally I’m perfectly satisfied with my self-built 3K system, and I’m willing to bet I do more with it than this thing will ever do.

  • Jon

    But will it blend?

  • Greycat

    now all it needs is wheels! >^^<

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  • tash

    Maybe they paid someone $7k to build it for them? I agree.. I could put a hell of a lot more in it than that for 16k.. I wonder what actually is in there(motherboard, cpu, ram, waterblocks, etc)

    For that kind of money.. Why not spend a few hundred extra and get a separate radiator/pump for each cpu block?

  • Steve

    But, will it boot Windows in less than 30 seconds?

  • Alex

    If you are going to spend 16000$ building it, why don’t you spend 1000$ more and make it beautiful??

  • Miky Dunn

    I bet it still wont run crysis on high 😉

  • p0Pe

    yeah…. looks alright.. but i like the looks of my case better:D

    my raddy also blends in a bit better;P

  • Chris

    Really cool though I’d want to pretty it up a little (ie. putting some custom fan grilles on there) if I was spending $16k.

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  • Isaac

    Spend the same money on a MacPro and get OS X, and a machine that looks good.

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  • tarek

    its a car

  • Graeme

    Some people have more money than brains….. utter waste of money…
    my quad-core AMD with 4 gig of memory cost me 800 bucks to build… so you’re telling me this thing is 15,200.00 bucks faster and better??????? sure I don’t have all that storage, but c’mon people, lets be real….

  • Ddres0605

    the only way you can this computer is if you sell your soul to the devil.

  • Dan

    Looks would not matter if it does the magic, remember jeeps work best without the fuss!!!and its not like a laptop u would carry around….this is something i’d showoff powerwise…its like a 70s Dodge Charger-raw power!its more of a sleeper computer heheee

  • Ranzear

    No video card.

    $16,000 and such an epic fail that it probably won’t even run Crysis /at all/.

  • Ugg.

    Haha so unnecessary for what it’s used for. But some people have the money and SOMEONE had to stimulate the economy hahaha.

  • Sleepless in Redmond

    Vista STILL won’t run correctly, even after throwing $16,000.00 at it!

  • swefse

    In like 10 years all people have computers of this performance.
    But I want it now!

  • jas

    HA HA!

    my box fan still cools better than that!

  • Toz

    You’re wrong Ranzear : there’s a graphic card (highest PCI Express slot). But … wait … only one graphic card ? This PC sucks 😉
    I hope the solitaire will run fast enough.

    @Isaac : Sure we already knew that you can acquire a Mac computer as powerfull as my $1000 PC for $16000 😉

  • Kinetix

    Hah, I got a computer custom built for $800, its the size of a cardboard box, and it can play Crysis on highest settings.

  • brian

    It doesn’t have SLI, how cheap is that.

  • victor


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  • Bill Gates

    Hi Bill here..
    Just to let you guys know, In order to run Vista on this Computer Smoothly you need to Disable Aero, and run in Basic Graphics (16bit), disable UAC and set your Graphics Settings to WORST PERFORMANCE , Also disable any unnecessary start up applications, And don’t forget to download the Drivers that are coming out for the FANS. otherwise Vista will give you the BSOD .

  • Redhawk

    That is a monstrosity and pointless.

    This guy knows what he is doing:

  • TS

    It is called server grade PC. Call up Dell, and get a quote for their R900 with X7460s. 24 cores and 128GB ram runs you 16K too. Much faster than quad socket AMD bull shit.

    Even better, wait for Nahelem-EP. Dual Socket Nehalem-EP will get you quad socket AMD performance for a few thousand dollars.

  • failboat

    I can make that for 5K and the WIRE MANAGEMENT will look sexier. I also will not use koolance… noobs.

  • JaMeS

    Vagita, what do the scanners say about its power levels!?

    they’re over 16,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what!? 16,000!!??

    you know what I say?
    so much more possibility, you could cut down the price by not using those Terabyte drives, and get yourself the sickest graphics card (or two).

    play some crysis, watch some pron, and do it all on max quality.

  • JimiJimi

    I don’t know who would be dumb enough to buy this.

    It’s not a gaming computer, and anyone willing to drop 16k on a server wouldn’t be stupid enough to have it watercooled especially with unreliable crappy Koolance parts!

    This just sucks ass.

  • shoaib2k2

    Amazing PC … WTF

  • tgos

    …and then I go and spoil it all by doing something stupid like installing windows..

  • Paolo

    Why not just buy a nice server hardware? less expensive and more reliable…

  • chris

    give it a year and it will be the 1600 dollar pc

  • Paul

    ….now just install Ubuntu Linux….since the budget for OS Licensing has been seriously wiped out….

  • lance

    That is pretty useless since it will be outdated tomorrow with better technology. I want to meet the dumbass that put the money into something so useless. I have alot of things for that dumbass to buy.

  • Therian

    Fans ? really ? what the point of water cooler other than quit working !

  • DLH


  • crazy_driver_78

    When is AMD releasing thier next faster core? What will that make this worth then?

  • mnalb

    My landlord will sell me this rental house for less than that. Can I live in this $16k computer?

  • JH

    This is the dumbest I’ve seen yet. No consideration is given to the temperatures of the downstream processors. No consideration is given to the load on the 5V bus, not to mention a lower voltage on a fan does not mean it’s quieter. It just means it takes a lower voltage. RPM and fan blade pitch determine how many decibels will be produced. The 12V bus is better suited for higher wattage loads. (Remember ohm’s law and the ratings of each level of the power supply.)

    Nice to see that die #4 has to deal with all the heat of the preceding dies. There are better designs out there. This one is definately NOT worth $16k, or even $1k.

  • Nuniez

    This thing is a monster. I would never buy it now. But when the parts for this thing start to have a decrease in price, I might purchase and build it myself. Haha, if only there was an application that could actually push this thing to it’s limits. That would be wonderful…

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  • |Elijah|

    What the hell…? Why does somebody need a computer like that?! And what kind of Video Card does it have? If it doesn’t have a NVidia 9600 GT or better it won’t really be able to run anything….. xO

    Other than that, I think that’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just crazy. I want one though. You would never have to get another PC in your life. Unless you look at too much porn. xO

  • MaTaN

    This comp is wicked… but what is that V.card? you should buy Sli x3/4 and put 3/4 GTX295’s dont you think guys? i think my comp is better and my comp have 4Gb ram 1250GB (2HDDs) GTX280 and Q9650 @3000
    and what about the temp? with that cooling system and the air flew you shoud have like 5~15C… my cooling system is better…
    If theres a thing that i will take from this comp.. is the mount of Ram’s and the Cpu’s (+the motherboard) thats all…
    But still… its cool to see alot of Ram’s and Cpu’s 😛
    lower the price man… to $10,000

  • mark

    is this going to be one of the give aways?

  • Adrian

    Cooling system sucks big time. And I bet it’s in reverse (25°C that’s probably the room temperature). Also water flows from one CPU to another… so the last CPU is cooled with warm / hot water. Using 9 fans to cool the water is just stupid, and probably very noisy.

    So it’s ugly, noisy, bad cooling… totally worth $16000 (stupid look of people staring at it – priceless).

  • chris

    you can build this setup for 8g’s max. trust me I have been looking into the hardware for something of this magnitude for over a year.

  • Milander

    Ummm…. crap is what this is. Poor design, poorly thought out and way, way over priced. Give me the 16k and my mates and I’ll build you something that can control satellites while you play Assassins Creed II at top end specs and check your facebook games while watching a film…. and f##k watercooled we’ll be using liquid nitrogen.

  • danax

    whats the use of this monstrious pc???

  • chris

    I WANNT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charles

    Is there a places on the internet it will take me that I can’t get to now?

  • Jezgar the Red

    4 cpu’s in a row which will all run at different temps, each transfering heat to the next 1 running coolest, 4 hottest. Hasn’t thought it threw..

  • http://na xatch

    for 16,000 I can build one better system with SSD pci express hard drives and 4 sli nvidia cards. opterons can’t handle video games like the last core i7 hexa cores cpus. so, don’t dream about play crysis and modern warfare 2 in this beast.

  • Anonymouse

    Xatch read the date this was posted march 2009.

    meaning it was probably built around early winter 2008.

    You couldn’t have built a better PC at that point cause your option would have been putting in intel quad core’s which would have limited the capability severely.

  • Jesse_rox_gym

    Yeah when i first saw the pic i thought the very same thing

  • jrewtaylor

    I could make something with similar processing power today for 5000$ wow.

  • Kilner79

    depending on the speed of the pump at the rate at wich the water flows will depend how warm the water is on the 4th block  with it having a very big rad with so many fans i expect it to be flowing very fast so that the water has hardly any heat in it by the time it gets to the 4th block 

    and the rad is so big due to the amount of water it has too cool at a fast rate 

    if its only using a stock pump then its FAIL 
    but if it works how i think it will then its an ok setup