Terminator T800 Brain Chip On Sale

In case you can no longer place exactly where this piece of movie magicry figured, remember T2: Judgement Day when Sara Connor and co. attacked the Cyberdine offices? She, her son, and Arnie came for this and a metallic arm from the first Terminator movie to prevent Judgement Day. They succeeded but Arnie had to be sacrificed in a molten pit of steel. Powerful stuff and the next greatest James Cameron action flick after Avatar.


Anyway, the history lesson over with, above is a replica of the brain chip for a T800. It’s limited edition and selling for $169. If you feel that strongly for the Terminator saga, maybe this is a decent purchase.



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  • Nic

    After Aliens you mean.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChrisB3D Chris Ferreira Burkert

    You, Sir, are a heretic of geekdom for placing “Avatar” before “Judgement Day”.