Teen Gives Up Facebook For $200

How do you get your teen to quit Facebook? Offer some cold hard cash. Paul Baier’s daughter was offered $200 to quit Facebook, and the daughter was just fine with that. So she will receive $50 this April, with the remaining $150 paid on June 26th.
June 26th is the end of the school year and that means five months without Facebook. Paul said, “She turns it on, she’ll have 30 to 40 — 50 little alerts things popping up too. She’s frustrated she can’t find babysitting jobs and she said, ‘Dad, would you pay me to get off Facebook?’ I thought she was joking.”

I guess this means that even though teens are still addicted to the site, they can quit if motivated. Try it with your kid and see if it works.

Source Ubergizmo

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