Teague Labs Cardboard Box And Teagueduino Video Game (video)

Teague Labs have created a fantastic video game using a cardboard box and one of their own products, a Teagueduino. The Teagueduino has been designed to provide an easier route for people wishing to use Arduino in projects.

The video game has been built in a side scrolling style and automatically closes the lid when you character hits something it shouldn’t. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and see how the game was created.

Teague Labs Video Game

If you are looking to create your own Arduino projects the Teagueduino is a great starting point as it requires no soldering as inputs and outputs simply snap into place. It also provides realtime programming and feedback showing the effects of changes as you make them, and provides simple, always-valid code creation meaning your programs will always run. Find out more information at the Teague Labs website.

Source: Teague Labs : Geek

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