Titanfall Cheaters Banned, Then Only Allowed To Play Against Other Cheaters

Respawn the developers of the new Titanfall game which earlier this month launched on Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One games console and PC. Has today enabled their anti-cheat software announced a very unique way of dealing with cheaters within its Titanfall game.

From today if you have been suspected of cheating on the PC version you will now see a “FairFight cheat detected” message as in the image below. But lucky you will not be banned from playing the game, however you now will only be able to play against other cheaters.

Titanfall Cheaters

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Crytek’s Warface Launches Into Free Open Beta Today (video)

First-person shooter (FPS) video game fans patiently waiting for the launch of the new Crytek Warface game, are sure to be pleased to learn that today Crytek has launched the Warface open beta gameplay today for Xbox Live users.

From today Warface beta is open for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers as a free download for fans to enjoy and put through its paces. Check out the trailer after the jump to whet your appetite and learn more about the new game.

Warface beta

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Microsoft Announces Xbox Reputation Notifications Arriving Soon

It has been discussed for some time that Microsoft has been considering launching a new reputation feature onto its Xbox consoles and today official details have been released.

Microsoft says that the new reputation notifications will be launching soon and provide other players with a quick idea whether other players are disruptive or have been reported as abusive by other players.

Xbox Reputation

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New Entertainment Apps For Xbox One And Xbox 360 Announced

Microsoft has this week announced via their Major Nelson Xbox website that they are rolling out new entertainment applications for both their next-generation Xbox One games console and older Xbox 360.

Owners of the Xbox consoles will be able to now enjoy a number of new movie applications on Xbox 360 consoles with the addition of ENCORE PLAY and MOVIEPLEX Play.

Xbox Apps

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2014 Call of Duty Championship With A $1 Million Prize Pool Kicks Off This Week

First-person shooter (FPS) video game fans will probably be already aware that the first ever eSports world championship on Xbox One will be kicking off later this month in the form of the 2014 Call of Duty Championship.

The 2014 Call of Duty Championship will commence on Sunday, March 30 at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, with opening-round action being available to watch on MLG.tv Friday and Saturday March 28-29th 2014.

2014 Call of Duty Championship

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New Assassin’s Creed Unity Game Announced Teaser Trailer Released (video)

Ubisoft has confirmed over the weekend that their next game in the Assassin’s Creed series will be set in the time of the French Revolution, and will take the form of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Ubisoft also release a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity game showing a little alpha gameplay footage to whet your appetite for the new game, that will be available to purchase in time for this years holiday season, its thought. Check it out after the jump.

Assassins Creed Unity

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Microsoft Considering Rewarding Xbox Live Members For Good Behaviour

It has been reported this week that Microsoft is considering implementing a new system to reward Xbox Live members for good behaviour and for users that contribute positively to the Xbox Live online community.

Microsoft’s Frank Savage unveiled that the company was considering implementing the new Xbox Live reward system during a talk at this month’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Xbox Live

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Release Date And Gameplay Revealed (video)

DICE has this week released a new two minute gameplay trailer for its Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion that will be launching on 25th March 2014 for Battlefield Premium members and 8th April 2014 for everyone else.

The new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion includes the Carrier Assault game mode, which has been created by DICE as a re-imagining of the Titan mode from the earlier Battlefield 2142 game.


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Titanfall For Xbox 360 Released Date Delayed Once Again

Xbox 360 owners that have been patiently waiting for the highly anticipated launch of the new Titanfall game at the end of this month, will be disappointed to learn that EA has today announced the Titanfall Xbox 360 release date has now been pushed back yet again, to April 8th in the US and April 11th In Europe.

Titanfall launched for both the Xbox One and PC on March 11th and was also expected to launch of Microsoft’s older generation Xbox 360 console. However after development issues this was pushed back towards the end of March, and has now been pushed back once again into April 2014.

Titanfall Xbox 360

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Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC Available Today (video)

The fourth and final DLC for Dead Rising 3 has this week been released on to Xbox Live for fans to enjoy in the form of the new Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC. For which a new launch trailer has been released this week that you can see after the jump.

The Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent offers players a new playable character in Los Perdidos called Brad Park, who is an agent for the Federal Bureau of Zombie Defense and Control.

Dead Rising 3

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Project Spark Open Beta Arrives On Xbox One (video)

Microsoft Xbox One owners patiently waiting for the release of the highly anticipated Project Spark open beta, will be pleased to know that after a slight delay it is now available to download and play on the new next-generation Xbox One console.

The Project Spark Beta Program enables Xbox One owners to join the community of game designers that are already in the process of creating and sharing new worlds via the Xbox 360 console and PC version of Project Spark.


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