PlayStation 4 Call Of Duty Ghosts Requires Day One Patch For 1080p Support

If you are looking forward to receiving delivery of the new PlayStation 4 games console tomorrow and will be diving into playing the new Call Of Duty Ghosts on your gleaming new PS4. You might be interested to know that is you want to enjoy 1080p high definition from your PS4 you will need to download a day one patch for the Call Of Duty Ghosts game to enable it.

Call Of Duty Ghosts

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New PlayStation Plus Official Features Trailer Released By Sony (video)

In preparation for the launch of a new PlayStation 4 console Sony have this week released a new promotional video demonstrating the features that you can expect to enjoy from the newly updated PlayStation Plus service.

Sony has created the PlayStation Plus service to give you access to exclusive online features for your PlayStation gaming consoles, including Instant Game Collection and online multiplayer on PlayStation 4 games consoles.

PlayStation 4 PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Upgrade Demonstrated (video)

Gamers waiting for delivery of their new pre-ordered Sony PlayStation 4 games console and are already considering upgrading the standard 500GB hard drive supplied by Sony in the PlayStation 4 console to something a little larger.

Might be interested in this new video which is being created demonstrating how the PlayStation 4 500 GB hard drive can be upgraded to something with a little bit more space for performance with ease.

PlayStation 4 hard drive upgrade

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Xbox One Powers Up In Just 13 Seconds After “Xbox On” Command

On the eve of the launch of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 and just a week away from the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One games console. Microsoft have demonstrated how quickly their Xbox One games console will boot into action after owners voice the command “Xbox On”.

As you might already know the new Xbox One can supply it with Microsoft’s next-generation Kinect 2.0 motion and voice control unit, enabling users to use gestures as well as voice commands to control their Xbox One console to load games, movies or even to shut down or start up.

Xbox One Voice Commands

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PlayStation 4 Video And Music Unlimited Services Demonstrated (video)

Over on the official PlayStation blog this week and in preparation for the launch of the new next-generation PlayStation 4 games console tomorrow in the US. Sony have posted a new 3 1/2 minute video which provides a glimpse and demonstration of the new Video Unlimited Service and Music Unlimited Service on the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation-4 Unlimited Service

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Microsoft Xbox One Launch Being Streamed On Xbox Channels And Spike TV

In preparation for the highly anticipated launch of the next-generation Microsoft Xbox one games console, Microsoft has today revealed that their worldwide launch taking place on November 22 will be streamed on Xbox channels as well as the Spike TV service. Labelling gamers worldwide to see the rollout of events as they happen around the world on the Xbox One launch day.

Microsoft Xbox One Launch

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iFixit iPad Mini Retina Display Teardown (video)

As usual and wasting no time the iFixit team has once again been busy with a toolkit, this time dismantling Apple’s latest iPad Mini Retina Display tablet, revealing its inner workings to the world for everyone to see.

Apple launched a new iPad Mini Retina Display tablet earlier this week on November 12th after first unveiling it back during their Apple event held on October 22nd.

iPad Mini Retina Display Teardown

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Worlds First All-in-one Coffee Machine Roasts, Grinds And Brews (video)

If you enjoy a good coffee a new all-in-one coffee machine which has been designed to roast, grind and brew coffee beans has been unveiled over on the Kickstarter website.

The new all in one coffee machine is marketed as the very first in the world which allows users to carry out all three processes in one machine and is the brainchild of the Bonaverde Coffee Changers based in Berlin, Germany. Check out the video after the jump to see the world’s first all in one coffee machine in action and learn about the team behind its creation.

All-in-one Coffee Machine

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Planetside 2 Performance Update 01 Adds 30 Percent Increase in FPS (video)

This week Sony has released their highly anticipated first performance update for their online first person shooter game Planetside 2. Over the past 6 months developers over at Planetside 2 have been busy optimising the game to improve his performance for players and for the upcoming launch of the game onto the new next-generation PlayStation 4 console.

Planetside 2

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BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode One Launch Trailer Released (video)

Irrational Games have today released a new BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode One launch trailer for fans to enjoy, that doesn’t spoil the games enjoyment.

The latest addition to the BioShock Infinite story has been built nearly from scratch by Irrational Games and is the first part of the story-driven DLC for the BioShock Infinite game.

BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Launch Trailer

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BeeStylus NFC Enabled Tablet Stylus Launches On Indiegogo (video)

If you enjoy sketching and drawing on your tablet you might be interested in a new device called the BeeStylus which has been created and equipped with NFC connectivity.

The new BeeStylus uses its NFC connectivity to provide a number of useful features on top of the standard drawing and sketching abilities that you would expect from a tablet stylus. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the BeeStylus innovative tablet accessory.


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