3DMark Android App Launches, iOS And Windows RT Apps Under Development

This month Futuremark has launched a new 3DMark Android app, to help it create a benchmark system that allows users to perform comparisons across multiple platforms including computers, smartphones and tablets.

The 3DMark Android app joins the already available Futuremark 3DMark applications for Windows 7, and Windows 8, with plans to release iOS and Windows RT versions in development.

3DMark Android App

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Mixbit Video Service Unveiled By YouTube Co-Founder

After Google released their April fools day video yesterday stating that YouTube had only been a competition and would now be closing. Previous YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley used the YouTube April fools joke to promote his own new video service called Mixbit.

Very little information has been released for the new Mixbit video service and the launch of it is still thought to be an April fools joke its self by some.


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Activision Next Generation Real-Time Face Rendering Technology Demonstrated (video)

Following on from the unveiling of the new Sony PlayStation 4 games console, last month, companies such as NVDIA, Quantic and now Activision have been quick to roll out demonstrations of their new next generation rendering software and technology, which has been specifically designed for the next generation of games consoles from Sony & Microsoft.


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Amazon Cloud Drive Update Enables File Syncing

Amazon has rolled out a new update to their Amazon Cloud Drive service, which has brought with it the ability to now sync files across multiple devices, making sure you always have the latest and most unto date file available.

The latest Amazon Cloud Drive update put the cloud storage service on a more competitive footing with the likes of Dropbox and other cloud storage services that sync files.

Amazon Cloud Drive

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BlackBerry 10 tells your friends and family when you’re watching porn

If you own a new BlackBerry Z10, we have a warning for you. It looks like the BlackBerry Messenger integration will tell all your friends or anyone in your BBM contacts, when you’re watching videos on the web. No big deal if you are watching Bambi, but it is a very big deal if you are watching something naughty.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Rooted Before Official Release

Even before the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be officially released on to the high street and online stores, members of the XDA-Developers have already been able to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

A video has been created providing proof of the Samsung Galaxy S4 being rooted, but currently the rooting files are focused predominantly on the Exynos 5 Octa smartphone at the current time.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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Facebook Home App Leaked Ahead Of Facebook April 4th Event

A leaked version of the new Facebook Home App has been revealed this week, by the Android Police website, who managed to get their hands on a system dump of the Facebook phone.

The Facebook Home App pre-release software is only set-up to currently work with Facebook employee accounts but early investigation reveals that the Facebook Home App, appears to be a redesigned version of the Facebook app for Android.

Facebook Home App

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Pirate Bay Becomes #1 File-Sharing Website

The Pirate Bay moving its servers to the U.S. to become “The Freedom Bay“ is a pretty good April Fools’ Day joke, but you can’t deny that its popularity has been slowly rising to the top of the file-sharing website world and now they have just become the #1 site for file-sharing.

This news comes from some analytical work from Torrent Freak that reveals The Pirate Bay has taken the top spot to become the world’s most-used file-sharing website. Fans of the Pirate Bay are thrilled at this news.

pirate bay

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