HP Slate 7 Android Tablet Arrives In The UK For £129

UK residents patiently waiting for the arrival of the new HP Slate 7 Android tablet will be pleased to learn that HP has now announced the tablet has landed in the UK priced at £129.

The HP Slate 7 is supped running Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, and comes fitted with a 7 inch display with a 1024 x 600 resolution display.

HP Slate 7

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Cases Revealed (videos)

The Ukrainian website Rozetka has published three videos today that reveal the new official Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

The three short Samsung Galaxy S4 case videos show the S View Cover, as well as the Flip Cover and Protective Cover+ providing a first look at the officially designed cases for the new smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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Titan Supercomputer To Receive Worlds Fastest Storage System

The massive Titan Supercomputer, which currently hold the title for the worlds fastest computer as of November 2012, will soon be receiving the worlds fastest storage system.

The Titan Supercomputer has been built by Cray at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for use in a variety of science projects, and has been designed to deliver a peak capability of over 27,000 trillion calculations per second, or 27 petaflops.

Titan Supercomputer

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Spotify Launched In 8 New Countries

Spotify has announced that they are launching their music streaming service in a range of new countries, which include Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

With the launch of these eight new countries, Spotify’s music streaming service is now available in a total of 28 different markets around the world.

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Skyrim Game Development Finished, Team Moves On To Next Project

Bethesda has this week announced that the development team who have been working on the awesome Skyrim game are now moving on to the next undisclosed project, and that all Skyrim content has now been released, and no other DLCs will be released.

Skyrim has been in development since 2006 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game officially launched on 11th November 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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MyGlass Companion App For Google Glasses Launches (video)

In addition to Google announcing specifications for their new Google Glasses today, the search giant has also released a new MyGlass Companion App to be used in conjunction with the Google Glasses eyewear.

Google Glasses are equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording 720p footage together with a battery capable of providing a days use and 16GB of on board storage for files and apps. Watch the video after the jump to see Google Glasses in action.


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Google Glasses Specs Finally Unveiled By Google

After first being announced nearly a year ago specifications for Google Glasses have now been announced by Google, revealing what you can expect in the way of hardware within the Google Glasses eyewear.

Google has published the Google Glasses specifications on their FAQ page and explain that the design includes a adjustable nosepads and durable frame that fits any face, which are available in two sizes for comfort.

Google Glasses

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SugarSync iOS App Update Brings New Design And Search Feature

SugarSync has today rolled out a new update to their SugarSync iOS application which brings with it a new design layout for iOS devices making it even easier to organise and access your files from your Apple smartphone or tablet.

SugarSync is a cloud storage service that allows you to sync any folder on your computer, and access your documents, photos, videos, or music from any computer, mobile device, or via the SugarSync website.

SugarSync iOS

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