Imgur Gets $40 Million Investment From Reddit And Andreesen Horowitz

Imgur has been a popular photo sharing service on Reddit, and now the company has received a $40 million investment from Venture Capital firm Abreesen Horowitz and also Reddit.

Imgur has previously been bootstrapped, and the company will now use the $40 million investment to develop new products, grow its community and expand internationally.

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Kinect For Windows V2 Will Be Officially Available This Summer (video)

After unveiling their new Kinect for Windows version 2 hardware at the end of last month, Microsoft has taken the opportunity at this months Microsoft BUILD 2014 conference to release more information about the upcoming version of their gesture control hardware for Windows.

Officially announcing that the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and SDK are coming this summer to regions in the northern hemisphere and developers will be able to use it to start creating Windows Store applications with Kinect for the first time.


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Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Service

After launching their cloud storage service Ubuntu One back in 2009, the Canonical has today announced that it will be closing down the cloud storage service to ensure that the company is not spread to thin across different services.

Back in July 2011 Canonical announced that the service has reach a user base of one million users and launched the Ubuntu One Basic to become Ubuntu One Free and offer users 5GB of free storage when they set up an account.

Ubuntu One

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iOS 7 Bug Lets Anyone Disable Find My iPhone Feature Without A Password (video)

It seems that Apple might have a problem with their iOS 7 mobile operating system if the video below is correct and works on any iPhone device.

As it shows a fairly simply way of disabling the iPhone’s supposedly secure Find My iPhone feature without the need for an admin password. Watch the video after the jump to learn more and see the iOS 7 glitch in action.


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Evernote Penultimate iPad App Update Adds Jot Script Support And More

Evernote has today released a new update for their iOS Penultimate iPad application which brings with it a number of new enhancements for users to enjoy including an improved pens menu, Jot Script support and the ability to flip through pages with ease.

Evernote has completely re-designed the pen selection menu, enabling users to now set a colour for each pen width. Allowing you to quickly switch between pens without having to choose a colour again.

Evernote Penultimate

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Next Generation Reversible USB Cable Unveiled

If you always get annoyed when fumbling around trying to connect the current generation of USB cables and connectors. You might be interested to know there is light at the end of the tunnel for an improved next-generation version that will provide a completely reversible USB cable.

A reversible USB cable has been rumoured for some time but this week new concept renderings have been released showing specifications for the upcoming USB 3.1 device which was announced back in December of last year.

Reversible USB Cable

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Samsung Pays For Selfie With President Obama

Samsung got a lot of exposure at the Oscars after the Ellen selfie ended up being the most re-tweeted photo ever, Samsung apparently paid the Academy Awards around $20 million dollars to sponsor the event.

Now it looks like Samsung has paid for another selfie, although this one features US president Obama, and it would appear that he did not know we was part of a sponsored selfie by Samsung.

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Amazon Hires Portal And Far Cry 2 Developers To Develop Video Games

Today Amazon announced the launch of its new Amazon Fire TV service in the US that will take the form of a new set-top box that connects directly to a HDTV, enabling you to watch Amazons streaming movie service and more.

In the future it might also be possible to play some AAA games through the new Amazon Fire TV system, as it has been reported this week that Amazon has employed to high profile games designers to help with its Amazon Game Studio games development.


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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update Rolling Out April 8th

During their BUILD conference this week Microsoft has announced that they will be rolling out a new Windows 8.1 update on April 8th for their operating system that will bring with it a number of enhancements for mice and keyboard’s.

The new Windows 8.1 update will bring with it enhancements that will automatically be able to detect what device Windows 8.1 is running on. For instance if it recognises a tablet device then the Metro touch interface mode will be launched.


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Windows Start Menu Returning Announces Microsoft

When Microsoft removed the Start Button and Start Menu from their latest Windows 8 operating system it caused quite a backlash from Windows users who considered the removal of the Windows Start button a mistake.

However now after millions of Windows users have requested Microsoft replace the Windows Start button, Microsoft has today announced at its Build conference that it will be doing just that and re-instating the old Start Menu for Windows users to enjoy once again.

Windows Start Menu

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Microsoft Windows Free For Mobile Devices With Screens Smaller Than 9 Inches

Microsoft has today announced that they are making their mobile Windows operating system free for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with screens at are 9 inches or less in size.

The new Windows free version is already now available for smartphone and tablet manufacturers but are developing mobile devices with screens 9 inches or smaller.

Microsoft Windows Free

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