New Xbox One Controller Firmware Update Being Prepared By Microsoft

Last month Microsoft rolled out a new update to their Xbox One next-generation games console, which brought with it a number of new enhancements for the Xbox One controller, in preparation for the launch of the new Titanfall game which also launched early in March 2014 for Xbox One and PC.

Now reports are surfacing that Microsoft is developing yet another update for its Xbox One console that will include yet another “new controller firmware” bringing further enhancements to the controller and Xbox console.


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Ears for Surface pump up the volume, Spock style

If there is one problem that we have with our mobile devices, it is sound. As in, it just isn’t loud enough. Unless you have front facing stereo speakers in your device. So when we watch movies or videos, it can be annoying, especially in outdoor environments. The Microsoft Surface tablet has this problem. It has been a complaint from users.

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A Mysterious HTC Device With High End Specs Spotted in Benchmarks

Its been a few days since HTC unveiled their latest flagship HTC One M8 at a press event in New York. The handset received pretty decent reviews from the tech community, but it seems the Taiwanese OEM is working on another device.

A mysterious new device was spotted on AnTuTu benchmarks with high-end specifications, but there’s word if its a tablet or a smartphone. We’re guessing it might be a tablet since HTC already unveiled the primary flagship of the year.


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Apple Acquires Novauris Speech Recognition Company

It has been reported this week that Apple has acquired the speech recognition technology company Novauris to bolster the development team that is working on developing the features and functionality of its mobile personal assistant Siri.

Novauris Technologies was founded in 2002 and grew out of the British research subsidiary of Dragon Systems, Dragon Systems R&D U.K. Ltd.


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Elder Scrolls Online MMO RPG Officially Launches For All (video)

After launching late last month for early adopters the new Elder Scrolls OnlineĀ game published by Bethesda has now officially launched for everyone to enjoy and is available to download on both PC and Mac systems.

The new Elder Scrolls Online game offers players an amazing number of possible character variations that someone calculated is 5.0952187*10^58. Check out the launch trailer after the jump to learn more about this new MMO role-playing game.


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Google Wireless Service In The Works (Rumor)

It looks like Google has bigger plans than just Google Fiber, according to a recent report, the company is looking into launching its own Google wireless service.

According to The Information, Google is apparently interested in becoming a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, the company would do this by purchasing access to a large network.

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What is 4K TV Ultra HD?

In the past there has always been a little confusion for consumers between the different resolutions that are available both for your televisions, mobile devices and computer systems, ranging from 720p, HD and now a new standard 4k or Ultra HD.

The new resolution that has been talked about recently is 4K or what it is now more commonly referred to as Ultra HD, UHD or UHDTV is now the generic term for displays, devices or content that has a horizontal resolution of around 4000 pixels.

What is 4K TV Ultra HD

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$99 ChocaByte 3D Chocolate Printer In Development

3D printing edible materials seems is becoming more and more popular and now one company hopes to make it available to almost anyone by creating the ChocaByte chocolate 3D printing machine which they hope to sell for $99.

The ChocaByte 3D printer was originally unveiled back in January of this year during the CES 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But has now launched a special offer of $99 for a limited run of 500 printers to help it make the jump into production.


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BBC iPlayer Catch-Up Time Limit Extended To 30 Days

The BBC has today announced that the BBC Trust has approved proposals from the BBC Executive to extend the catch-up window for programmes on BBC iPlayer from seven to 30 days.

Users of BBC iPlayer are now able to stream or download for 30 days after they are first broadcast, rather than the current seven days. Providing BBC iPlayer users with an even longer periods of time to watch their favourite programmes on mobile devices, set-top boxes and personal computers.

BBC iPlayer Catch-Up Service

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TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite Luxury Smartphone Unveiled (video)

TAG Heuer have taken the wraps off a new luxury smartphone it has created in the form of the new Meridiist Infinite.

The TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite has been design dot be the world’s first perpetual power reserve mobile phone and will be available in a limited run of 1911 units and is the first TAG Heuer communication instrument entirely made of Titanium Grade 5, carbon and rubber.

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite

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