AT&T Adds More Data to Prepaid GoPhone Plans

If you’re an AT&T user, there’s a piece of good news for your. The carrier has added more data to its prepaid GoPhone plans without increasing the monthly charges.

The company has increased the data limit for the $60 plan to 2.5GB from 2GB, and it can even be used as a WiFi Hotspot without any additional charges and unlimited talk. If you’re paying $40, your data will be increased to 500MB from 250MB, and there’s a new $45 plan as well which give users 1GB mobile data.┬áThe new $45 plan also comes with unlimited talk time, while the $40 plan offers 500 minutes.


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Toshiba Announces The World’s Fastest microSD Card

Toshiba has announced its latest microSD card, the company is claiming that the new microSD card is now the fastest available, with read speeds of up to 260MB/s and write speeds of up to 240MB/s.

The new Toshiba UHS-II is one of the first microSD cards to meet the UHS-II specifications, that can be found on the larger SD cards.

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Try Google Glass at home

Google Glass is expensive. You might want to try Google Glass before committing to pay $1500. That’s understandable. So Google is starting to offer a home try-on service for Glass, which will allow you to see which color and which prescription lens frame works best for you. It isn’t a full version of the device. Just something so you can judge what color you want.

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DARPA Will Turn Old Drones Into WiFi Hotspots

Both Facebook and Google are looking to use drones to provide WiFi around the world, and now DARPA intends to use some of its drones for WiFi hotspots.

DARPA intends to use a fleet of RQ-7 shadow drones that were previously used for surveillance by the US military, to provide WiFi to the military in areas where they are little of no communications.

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11 More Microsoft Retail Stores Headed To The US

Microsoft has announced that it will launch 11 more Microsoft retail stores in the US, the company is looking to expand its retail stores to sell the Xbox One, its Windows Phone devices and also Windows PCs.

Microsoft will soon complete its takeover of Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone business, and now that Microsoft is going to be in the smartphone business, we suspect the company will continue its retail push in the US.

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