16GB NOOK Storage Can Now Officially Be Repartitioned

Barnes & Noble has today announced that owners of their NOOK 16GB tablets will now be able to change their storage configurations and repartition the tablets 16GB of storage.

The new configuration supports comes after Barnes & Noble originally shipping their 16GB NOOK with just 1GB of the available 16GB available for used as storage for files you downloaded from the web or transferred from your computer. With the other 15GB being used for Barnes & Noble NOOK Shop content.

Nook 16GB Partition

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Archos Teases G10 XS Android Tablet (Video)

It looks like Archos is about to unveil a new Android tablet, the Archos G10 XS, which as you can see from the photo below it looks like it will come with some sort of keyboard dock similar to the Asus Transformer range.

We don’t have many details on the new Archos G10 XS, although we do know that this new Android tablet will measure just 7.6mm thick and around 11mm thick with the new keyboard dock.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Appears At The FCC

Samsung announced a couple of new tablets at MWC 2012 last month, one of those was the Galaxy Tab 2 which features a 7 inch display, and it looks like we could be getting closer to the tablets release as it has just appeared at the FCC.

Samsung launched two models in their Galaxy Tab 2 range, one with a 7 inch display and one with a 10.1 inch display, and both models will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Asus Transformer TF101 Bug Fix Update Now Available

Asus recent,y released their Android 4.0 ICS update for their original Transformer TF101 tablet, after the update was released a number of users reported various problems with the device.

Some of the problems included random reboots, and device lock ups, and Asus promised to release an update to fix those problems, and it looks like the update is now available as an OTA update.

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Apple’s Tablet Share Drops After Kindle Fire Launch

According to a recent report by research firm IDC, Apple’s share of the tablet market fell to 54.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, which is down from the previous quarter where Apple’s share of the tablet market was at 61.5 percent.

The report also mentions some information about Android’s share of the tablet market, which has increased due to the release of the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet which took a 16.8 percent share of the tablet market in the same quarter.

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Samsung Is The Sole Supplier Of New iPad 3 Retina Display

Apple’s new iPad 3 goes on sale this Friday, and it would appear that Samsung is the sole supplier of the new Retina display for the iPad 3, which is interesting considering the various legal cases between the two companies.

According to a recent report both LG and Sharp were also expected to be supplying the Retina display for the new iPad 3, although it would appear that both of them had problems meeting Apple’s quality standards.

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PayPal Launching New Mobile Payments Service And Dongle?

This week it has been reported that PayPal might be currently developing a new mobile payments dongle along the lines of something similar to the Square device, which is already available.

The new PayPal dongle and mobile payment service would also work in a similar way to Square which is currently handling over $4 billion in transactions every year.

Square Mobile Payaments

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BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard Announced (Video)

RIM has launched a new accessory for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the PlayBook Mini Keyboard, which connects to your RIM tablet via an encrypted Bluetooth connection.

As well as featuring a full sized keyboard, the PlayBook Mini Keyboard also comes with a built in touchpad, and it van also be used a a case for your tablet, have a look at the video below.

BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard

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Galaxy Note 10.1 To Retail For 729 Euros?

Samsung announced the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month, and now it looks like we may have some possible pricing for the new Galaxy Note, according to the guys from Phandroid it will retail for 729 Euros.

Of course this price has yet to be confirmed by Samsung, and we suspect the pricing would include the S Pen stylus, the device will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Readability Android Application Launches

A week after releasing their iOS application Readability have today rolled out their new Android Readability application which is now available exclusively on the Amazon Android App Store in the US.

If you have never used the Readability service before, it basically turns any Web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer or Android device.

Readability Android App

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Skytex Skypad Alpha 2 $140 Tablet Receives Android 4.0 Beta Update

Owners of the budget Skytex Skypad Alpha 2 Android tablet, will be please to know that Skytex has just rolled out a new Android 4.0 beta** update for the tablet. Helping it make the most from Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

The Skytex Skypad Alpha 2 is priced at just $140 on Amazon and now with Android 4.0 available makes it a great tablet for the price.

Skytex Skypad Alpha 2

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