RFID Tagging Used To Create Music (video)

RFID Tags have many uses, and are normally used to transfer data from an electronic RFID tag, to a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking objects. However innovative modders have found a more rewarding use, using RFID for the creation of music using their RFID Beat Box.

The RFID Beat Box instrument created by Danne Woo, allows users to create and play music by placing RFID tags into wooden bowls. Each tag has been designed to look like a vinyl record and are colour coded, with each one triggering a unique sound. See how they are used to create music after the jump.

RFID Music

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Retro Rotary Phone Modded To Control iPhone’s Siri Assistant (video)

We have featured a number of Siri mods here on Geeky Gadgets, since its was launched earlier this year by Apple as its iPhone 4S personal assistant.

Modder Davis Remmel has now created a fun and unique way to interact with Siri on your iPhone, using an old retro dial phone together with a Bluetooth headset, which has been used to create the link. Watch the video to see the Siri hack in nation after the jump.

Siri Rotary Phone

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Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod (video)

Modder Dean Liou has unveiled his latest creation using a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptop to create the fantastic Lenovo ArcadeDockX1 Mod. The arcade cabinet uses the 15 inch screen of the Lenovo X1 as the gaming display and the controls are connected via USB.

The ArcadeDockX1 cabinet is equipped with a flight stick and throttle making the whole design of the cabinet look fantastic. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action, and Liou provides you with a walk through of his ArcadeDockX1.

Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod

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Transformers Bumblebee Xbox 360 Slim Casemod (Video)

Transformers and gaming fans will love this new Xbox 360 case mod, inspired by Bumblebee from the Transformers movies, this latest Xbox mod was created by Mark Bongo from Major League Mods.

Mark decided to install an Xbox 360 Slim inside a remote control Camaro, and in the video below you will see that the DVD tray comes out of the front of the car, and the rear window is an 8 inch LCD display.

Transformers Bumblebee Xbox 360 Slim Casemod

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Kindle Fire Booted With CyanogenMod 7

JackpotClavin over on the XDA Developers forum has posted a few images that show a new Amazon Kindle Fire booted using CyanogenMod 7. Amazon’s Kindle device was rooted earlier this month and only a few weeks later has received the CyanogenMod 7 treatment. Even in these early stages of development WiFi functionality is already operational on the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire CyanogenMod 7

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Monitor Polarizing Film Privacy Mod, Keeps Your Screen Contents Secret (video)

If you wear glasses or would simply like to keep your monitor contents private. A new modification has been demonstrated by Instructables modder Dimovi, that shows you how to remove the polarising film on your monitor.

Then transform a pair of glasses using the monitor film to allow you to see it again when you wear the specially modified glasses. Watch the video after the jump to see the neat modification in action.

Monitor polarizing privacy mod

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Skyrim, WoW Head Tracking Mod Created For Sony 3D Personal Viewer (video)

Do you enjoy playing Skyrim or World of Warcraft and own a Sony HMZ-T1 Virtual Reality Headset? If you do then you might be interested in this great little mod that has been put together using a TrackIR 5 head tracking system.

Allowing you to immerse yourself into the world of Skyrim or WoW in 3D vision. Watch the video after the jump to see the head tracking mod in action on both WoW and Skyrim games.

Skyrim Head Tracking Mod

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Samsung Series 7 Slate Hacked To Run OS X Lion (video)

If you have a Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet gathering dust in your home or office, or you would simply prefer to try a slightly different OS on it rather than the intended Windows 7. You might be interested to know that a developer has now been able to install and run OS X Lion on his.

The installation of the OS X Lion operating system on the Samsung Series 7 Slate was completed using a Lion UniBeast USB KEY Install method and does still have a few things which still need to be ironed out. Currently the Samsung Series 7 Slate does need to be connected to an external monitor, but is showing some great potential says the developer. Watch the video after the jump to see the Samsung Series 7 Slate in action running Mac OS X Lion.

Samsung Series 7 Hacked To Run OS X Lion

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Apple’s Siri Used To Control Your House Temperature (Video)

We recently head that Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri, had been cracked and was capable of running on virtually any device, which include Google’s Android devices.

Now developer and iPhone hacker @plamoni has been working to get Siri to work with other connected devices, and has created a proxy server which allows him to set up Siri with some new functions, one of which you can see working in the video below.

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Lego Street View Car 2 (Video)

Some of our readers will remember the Lego Street View car that we featured on the site back it June, it was built by Mark Crosbie,and now Mark has built another version, the Lego Street View Car 2.

The new Lego Street View car now uses an iPhone with iOS 5, and Mark says he chose the iPhone for the cars camera as the photos can be automatically uploaded to PhotoStream.

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Kinect BeatWheel Mod Provides Innovative Way To Control Music (video)

We have featured many amazing Microsoft Kinect motion sensor modifications and hacks here on Geeky Gadgets over the past 12 months since its launch. But this Kinect BeatWheel adds an innovative way to create music using the Kinect device and moving your arms to control the sounds. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Kinect BeatWheel

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