Screenshots of Rumored Blackberry OS 10.3 Leaked

Blackberry is rumored to be working on the new Blackberry OS 10.3 which will bring several new features on board, and guess what, it seems Blackberry is working on their own virtual assistant app, but there’s no word about its name yet.

The latest leak also gives a sneak peak at some other features and enhancements one can expect from the latest Blackberry OS 10.3.

Blackberry os 10.3

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Wendy’s app now lets you pay online

If your fast food tastes lean toward Wendy’s, we have some good news for you. Wendy’s is using its mobile app to attract young, smartphone users, by making paying more convenient. Yes, Wendy’s has a mobile payments feature on its app that is available at many Wendy’s locations. Burger King has announced that it would be extending the reach of its own mobile payment app to 7000 stores itself, if Wendy’s isn’t your thing.

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Windows Phone outsells iPhone in Romania

There is good news for Windows Phone out of Romania. Romanian newspaper cites a report from a market research firm GfK, which says that Windows Phone now holds a 10% market share in Romania. Sure, that number does not sound impressive, but it’s enough to outsell iOS and become the second largest platform in the EU country. This info is confirmed by Microsoft and carriers Vodafone and Cosmote Mobile.

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Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley To Launch Obi Mobile Brand in India in April

Earlier this month, it was reported that former Apple CEO John Sculley will launch a smartphone brand in India, which will be funded by Singapore based Inflexiopoint.

Now, we have some more information about this investment. The company will be known as Obi and will launch in April in India. The company aims to provide smartphones and feature phones for Indian market under Rs. 12,000 in April, and will compete with other manufacturers in the region, including Apple and Samsung.

John Sculley

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Samsung Increases Cloud Print App Security

We live in a world that’s becoming increasingly cable-less, which gives us more room and freedom than the cable piles of yesteryear that required us to come up with clever cable management solutions that took way too much time and effort. However, when you may everything wireless, you also make it more accessible to security intrusions. Samsung is seeking to rectify that problem when you’re connecting to your printer with its new Cloud Print app.

Samsung Cloud Print app

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New York Times Now Incoming

Tech and gaming publishers and developers aren’t the only people making waves with next-gen tech announcements at SXSW this year. The New York Times decided to tease what they hope will become the next-generation of news coverage that’s meant to fit today’s busy, mobile device-centric lifestyle, which is where NYT Now comes in.

new york times now

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Blackberry Q20 Could Launch in September/October Timeframe

Back at the Mobile World Congress 2014 last month, Blackberry unveiled two new handsets, the Blackberry Z3 and  the Blackberry Q20. Blackberry Z3 is expected to hit the shelves in Indonesia in the coming weeks while the company didn’t provide any detail about the Q20, except the fact that its going to bring back the traditional Blackberry keyboard and the trackpad.

Now, in an interview with Bloomberg, Blackberry CEO John Chen gave a little timeframe when we could see the Blackberry Q20 in retail shelves.


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Apple is Still the Top Smartphone Vendor, Samsung gains, According to comScore

The folks at comScore have released their latest report for the month ending January 2014, and the report presents almost a similar picture as the last one, but with one twist.

Apple and Samsung gains mobile subscribers and stays on number one and two on the top smartphone vendors, while the third and fourth spot is captured by LG and Motorola, respectively.


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TravelCard is An Extremely Portable External Charger That Can Easily Slip In Your Wallet

Running out of battery at important is one problem every one of us face at one point. There are external battery packs available that can help you solve this, but they are mostly bulky and it might be a difficult task to carry an extra gadget around.

If you’re looking for something that can stick in your wallet, and come in handy when you run into battery issues, take a look at TravelCard, an external battery charger that carries a size of a credit card.


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LG To Manufacture Nexus 6 As Well (Rumor)

We’ve heard a few rumors in the past hinting that Google will discontinue the Nexus line up in 2015, but that means we’ll not see any Nexus device this year. The information came from a Russian journalist, who said we’ll see Nexus devices this year, but they’ll be gone after that.

According to a new rumor, Google has turned to LG to make the Nexus 6 which might launch later this year.

Nexus 5

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Goophone Clones ‘All New HTC One’ Before Its Even Officially Announced

Goophone has this week launched a new clone that has even beaten the original manufacturer to market and follows on from the recent launch of their new Samsung Galaxy S5 clone which was launched just 2 days after Samsung officially unveiled the smartphone.

Now Goophone has beaten that quick turnaround and created a clone of the yet to be officially launched all new HTC One smartphone. Which up to this point has only been seen in leaked images and specifications without anything being officially announced by HTC themselves.

Goophone All New HTC One

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Sprint to Add Lost and Stolen Devices to International Stolen Property List to Curb Theft

One of the most common crimes in the US is the theft of smartphones and tablets. Police departments and wireless carriers are trying to do their part to help reduce the theft of smartphones. One of the ways that theft can be reduced is by making stolen devices useless to thieves by rendering them unusable and therefore unsellable.


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