Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Made to Work With Non-Samsung Devices (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit was released a few days back, but as previous devices, it was announced that it will work with Galaxy devices on the go.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the smartwatch, but holding off since you’re not ready to switch to a Samsung device, there’s a good news for you. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is made to work with HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and some other non-Samsung smartphones.


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Sprint WeGo Lets Parents and Kids Stay connected

Many parents don’t want to give a kid a smartphone for their first mobile device. Some younger children may have a hard time using a smartphone with more complex functions. Sprint has a new device called the WeGo that is aimed at helping kids stay connected and parents informed. The WeGo has launched on the Sprint network.


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo headed to India soon

It was thought that the Galaxy S3 Neo would be a China-only device when we heard rumors about it before, but it turns out that it isn’t. Samsung is now listing the Galaxy S3 Neo on its official Indian website. That means that the handset should be released there very soon and it may hit other markets too. It is too early to know.

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LG Optimus Zone 2 for Verizon

It was in the middle of 2013, when LG unveiled the LG Optimus Zone entry-level handset. If you remember, the design of the phone featured some sharp angles that not everyone was a fan of. And now we have a new leak from the always reliable @evleaks, showing us that LG has a new handset called the LG Optimus Zone 2, a follow up to last year’s handset.

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Screenshots of Rumored Blackberry OS 10.3 Leaked

Blackberry is rumored to be working on the new Blackberry OS 10.3 which will bring several new features on board, and guess what, it seems Blackberry is working on their own virtual assistant app, but there’s no word about its name yet.

The latest leak also gives a sneak peak at some other features and enhancements one can expect from the latest Blackberry OS 10.3.

Blackberry os 10.3

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Wendy’s app now lets you pay online

If your fast food tastes lean toward Wendy’s, we have some good news for you. Wendy’s is using its mobile app to attract young, smartphone users, by making paying more convenient. Yes, Wendy’s has a mobile payments feature on its app that is available at many Wendy’s locations. Burger King has announced that it would be extending the reach of its own mobile payment app to 7000 stores itself, if Wendy’s isn’t your thing.

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Windows Phone outsells iPhone in Romania

There is good news for Windows Phone out of Romania. Romanian newspaper cites a report from a market research firm GfK, which says that Windows Phone now holds a 10% market share in Romania. Sure, that number does not sound impressive, but it’s enough to outsell iOS and become the second largest platform in the EU country. This info is confirmed by Microsoft and carriers Vodafone and Cosmote Mobile.

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Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley To Launch Obi Mobile Brand in India in April

Earlier this month, it was reported that former Apple CEO John Sculley will launch a smartphone brand in India, which will be funded by Singapore based Inflexiopoint.

Now, we have some more information about this investment. The company will be known as Obi and will launch in April in India. The company aims to provide smartphones and feature phones for Indian market under Rs. 12,000 in April, and will compete with other manufacturers in the region, including Apple and Samsung.

John Sculley

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Samsung Increases Cloud Print App Security

We live in a world that’s becoming increasingly cable-less, which gives us more room and freedom than the cable piles of yesteryear that required us to come up with clever cable management solutions that took way too much time and effort. However, when you may everything wireless, you also make it more accessible to security intrusions. Samsung is seeking to rectify that problem when you’re connecting to your printer with its new Cloud Print app.

Samsung Cloud Print app

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New York Times Now Incoming

Tech and gaming publishers and developers aren’t the only people making waves with next-gen tech announcements at SXSW this year. The New York Times decided to tease what they hope will become the next-generation of news coverage that’s meant to fit today’s busy, mobile device-centric lifestyle, which is where NYT Now comes in.

new york times now

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