iPhone 6 Pro Concept (Video)

On the weekend we saw another iPhone 6 concept, and now we have some videos of an iPhone 6 Pro concept, which show an interesting design and features.

The iPhone 6 Pro concept features a larger display, an Apple A9 processor, a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 3 megapixel front camera, although we suspect these specifications will not appear in the new iPhone 6.

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Some More Concept Renders of the Larger iPhone 6

The leaks about the alleged iPhone 6 have picked up their pace in the past few weeks. We’ve seen a few concept renders pop up in the past few¬†weeks, created based on the leaked information.

Recently, Martin Hajek and the folks at NoWhereElse have teamed up again to create a concept render of the upcoming iPhone 6, which is expected to come with a larger display.

iPhone 6

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Marissa Mayer Looking To Get Apple To Use Yahoo For iOS Default Search

The default search engine on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is Google, although you can easily switch this to other ones like Yahoo or Bing, not many people do this.

This means that the majority of iOS users have Google as their default search engine, although according to a recent report Yahoo is looking to change this.

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RadioShack To Offer iPhone 5S For $99 With A New Contract

RadioShack has announced that they will be offering the iPhone 5S for $99 when you take out a new year contract, the company has dropped the price of the handset from $199.

The $99 iPhone 5S from RadioShack will be available with a new two year contract with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, they are also offering the device for $0 up front if you trade in your iPhone 4S.

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iOS 6 Users Having Issues With FaceTime

It would appear that some owners of Apple devices are having issues with FaceTime, the problems appear to be affecting iPhone and iPad users running Apple iOS 6.

According to MacRumors there have been multiple reports of iOS 6 users having issues with FaceTime, with owners of the iPad and iPhone with iOS 6 installed unable to make and receive FaceTime calls.

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Amazon Cloud Drive App Updated

Back in December Amazon released its Amazon Cloud Drive app for Apple’s iOS platform, and now Amazon has released an updated version of the app for iOS.

The latest version of Amazon Cloud Drive for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch comes with a number of new features, plus a new design, you can see what is included in the update below.

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iPhone 6 Mockup Shown Off In A Video

The past few days were filled with a lot of iPhone 6 related leaks. Yesterday, we saw the front panel of the alleged device, as well as the battery which is expected to be a part of the iPhone 6.

Today’s not different either. A video made its way to the internet, showcasing a mock up of the alleged iPhone 6 with a large display and rounded corners.


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Images Of iPhone 6 Components Leaked

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of leaked images related to the iPhone 6. Earlier this week, we spotted some leaked images of the aluminum mold which will be used to create the iPhone 6. Even today, we saw the front panel of the alleged iPhone 6 alongside the iPhone 5.

Now, some more images of the components of the alleged iPhone 6 were spotted online. The images were picked up by the folks at NoWhereElse which reveals the batteries that will be used in the purported iPhone 6.


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iPhone 6 May Launch With A Higher Price, $100 More On-Contract (Rumor)

Today was a pretty good day when it comes to iPhone 6 rumors. Not too long ago, we came across a leaked image from Foxconn, showing us the aluminum mold which will be used in the production of the alleged handset, revealing its 4.7-inch screen size.

It’s a good news for all the iPhone fans, but there’s a piece of bad news as well, especially for those who are waiting for the large screen iPhone. According to¬†Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, Apple is in talks with the carriers in the United states about increasing the price of the upcoming iPhone 6 by $100.

iphone 6

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Alpine Carplay Aftermarket Head Unit In The Works

We recently heard that Pioneer were working on a CarPlay aftermarket unit, and now according to a recent report, Alpine are also working on an Apple CarPlay device.

The Alpine CarPlay aftermarket system is said to launch before the end of the year, and the device is expected to retail between $500 and $700 US dollars.

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