Parrot’s AR.Drone Free Flight Software Now Available On Any iOS Device Device

Originally designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch Parrot’s AR.Drone software Free Flight is now available on the iPad allowing you to take control of your Ar.Drone on any iOS device.

If you have never heard of  the AR.Drone its a quadricopter equipped with two cameras, one facing forward the other rear that allows you to then take control of the vehicle and view it as though you are flying it from the cockpit, through your iOS device.

Parrot AR.Drone

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Transform Your iPhone Into An Air Mouse Using Movea

Movea has just launched a new iPhone app that converts your iPod Touch or iPhone 4 into a gesture controlled mouse similar to an Air Mouse for the bargain price of only $2.

Most Air mice on the market cost any where up to $99 but the Movea app allows you to use your iDevice’s inbuilt gyroscopes together with Movea’s MotionSense technology  to convert your iPhone into a air mouse.

Air Mouse App

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Tron Location Based iPhone LiveCycle app (video)

Check out this fantastic location based Tron game that is free to download and merges the real world with the world of Disney’s TRON: Legacy.

Basically you race against other players in real life using your phone location to create your light trail and trapping other players. Watch the video after the break to see how it works.

iPhone LiveCycle app

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UberTwitter Client Arrives On iPhone

UberTwitter has now finally arrived on the iPhone, all be it in a Beta version. UberTwitter has been exclusive to RIM’s BlackBerry devices.

UberTwitter brings everything you need for everyday Tweeting onto your iPhone including the standard composing and sending tweets, retweeting, direct messaging and embedded link shortening.


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Amazon Launch New Price Checking App

Most of us do it already when in high street stores and we see something that starts pulling at our purse strings. A quick price check of the product on the smartphone and we can make a decision there and then whether its a good enough offer to warrant a purchase.

Well Amazon is now making it even easier to check prices on their listed products while out and about, with the launch of their new Amazon Price Check application.

Amazon Price Check App

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Share Your SMS Chats With Bnter iPhone App

The Bnter iPhone app is similar to its web app big brother by allowing you to share and post your text chats to a personal profile together with Twitter and Facebook.

At the moment you simply have to cut and paste your text chat in Bnter to start sharing. But the developers are currently working on a new method of transferring the chat messages in a more streamlined fashion.


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