Cydle i30 Mobile DTV Brings Live TV To Your SmartPhone

A new device currently making its way through the FCC call the Cydle i30 Mobile DTV has been designed to enable smartphones to receive live TV on the go. The new device slots on to your smartphone and provides a digital TV antenna to enable your mobile to display live TV.

The device currently going through the FCC has been designed specifically for the iPhone and uses its antenna to catch local mobile channel signals and transmit them to the iPhone via WiFi.

Cydle i30 Mobile DTV

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NowStream Enables You To Stream Torrents Directly To Your iPhone (video)

NowStream is a new iPhone application which has been designed to rethink the way people consume media on their mobile devices. NowStream enables users to easily use one-tap streaming from sources never before supported on the iPhone.

The new application is the very same that was recently showcased at the TechCrunch Hackathon in New York and has been designed and built by Sohail Prasad.


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RecognizeMe Unlocks Your iPhone With Facial Recognition (video)

If you fancy a slightly more unique way to access your jailbroken iPhone rather than boringly typing in a passcode. A new application called RecognizeMe which uses facial recognition to allow access is well worth a look.

RecognizeMe is the first facial recognition security for the iPhone and although the software is not perfect at the moment, its a lot more fun than entering a code all the time and serves as an alternate to, rather than a replacement for the passcode to secure your iPhone. Check out the video after the jump.


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CollabraCam: The $6 Multi-Camera Video Production, iPhone App (video)

Creating your own films on an iPhone is great fun and fantastically easy to do, but a new app called CollabraCam now enables you to take your filming to a new level using multiple iPhones as extra cameras to record footage and combine them all to create the ultimate production.

The iPhone CollabraCam application allow one iPhone device to become the ‘Director’ device and then wirelessly connect with up to four other iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad cameras as ‘operators’ also running the CollabraCam app over local Wi-Fi.

The footage from all the cameras can then be viewed on the Directors device, enabling the Director to monitor the live-streaming cameras and choose the best shots to edit in real-time. Watch the video after the jump to see the app in action.


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Apple Approves Prostitution iPhone App?

What would you call a service that bills itself as a venue “for generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life!” And what would you call a company that bans dictionary apps for containing racy words but allows an app providing the aforementioned service in their store?

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Joby Launches Frame X Frame iPhone App

Joby, the makes of the GorillaPod tripod’s for cameras and smartphones like the Apple iPhone, have launched a new iPhone app called Frame X Frame, which is a new free camera app for the iPhone.

The Joby Frame X Frame iPhone App is designed to help you create and share stop motion videos, and the app lets you stitch together time lapse images into a stop motion video.

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Seagate Adds iOS Support To Its Go Flex Home Servers

This week Seagate have launched a new application that allows you to remotely access all your photos, movies, music and documents which you might have stored on your GoFlex Home network storage systems, from your mobile iOS device.

The new GoFlex Access application simply requires you to login to access your files and share them from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and best of all the new iOS application hase been designed for both iPhone, iPod and iPad, and its free to download.

GoFlex Access app

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Notesy The Dropbox Linked Minimalist iOS Note Taking App

If you are looking for a very quick and simple note taking application for your iOS device, the newly updated Notesy for Dropbox might be your perfect note taking companion application.

I have plenty of note taking apps on my iPhone but the reason I like Notesy so much is because of its simplicity, and of course the link to Dropbox which makes it much easier to update my notes when I am in front of my desktop or on my laptop.


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Order And Chaos Online MMORPG Arrives on iOS Devices (video)

Gameloft’s new and highly anticipated Order And Chaos Online MMORPG game designed for iOS devices has now launched and is available to purchase from the Apple iTunes Store for $6.99.

Order And Chaos Online is Gamelofts answer to World of Warcraft for mobile devices and is a true real-time, full 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). A Gameloft account and monthly subscription charge is required to play, but on purchasing the game your first 3 months gaming are included in the initial $6.99. After which you will need to pay $0.99 per month, $1.99 for three months, or $2.99 for six months to continue playing online.

Watch the Gameloft Order And Chaos Online trailer after the jump with a fe snippets of gameplay footage included.

Order And Chaos Online

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Qik Video App Allows Video Calls Between Android And iOS (video)

A new update from Qik now allows users using their Qik Video Connect software to make cross-platform video calling. Using Android phones with version 2.1 or higher, iPhone, iPad 2 and Apple’s iPod Touch with a camera, to connect via video calling.

Video calls can be made using the Qik Video Connect app via either 3G, 4G, or WiFi and the app allows either the front or rear cameras to be used on compatible devices. The new Qik update has also boosted video quality and now puts less of a drain on battery life than in previous versions. Watch a demo video of the new Qik Video Connect in action after the jump.

Qik Video Calls

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