Pioneer launches rekordbox DJ app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Pioneer electronics has launched a new DJ music management application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch called rekordbox. The app allows the user to prepare and manage music that is stored on the portable device and create playlists. The app also allows the user to enter settings for loop point and beat locations, perform waveform analysis and more.

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TomTom iOS App Update Adds Foursquare Support And More

TomTom has today rolled out a new update for their iOS applications which has added support for searching social network Foursquare. As well as now allowing users to now navigate to addresses found on the internet.

The addition of Foursquare support to the iOS TomTom application follows on from the last update to the software which added support for social network giant Facebook.

TomTom Foursquare

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Skype iOS App Updates Adds Photo Sharing And More

Skype has rolled out a new update to its iPad and iPhone application this week which has added a new Photo Sharing feature for users. The Skype Photo Sharing service enables users to send photos they have taken on their iOS devices directly to Skype friends and family.

Skype hasn’t applied any restrictions to the Photo Sharing service, allowing yo to send as many images as you like and at any size, without occurring extra costs, and saving you from paying MMS or bandwidth charges.

Skype Photo Sharing

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OoVoo Video Chat Apps Updated With Simultaneous 4-Way Connections

OoVoo has this week rolled out a new update to both their Android and iOS applications, which has added support for 4-way simultaneous video chat connections.

On Apple devices the 4-way video chat is only supported on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad, and on Android its supported on selected devices with more being added on a daily basis.


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Maxthon Mobile Web Browser Lands On iOS Devices

If you are looking for an alternative web browser for your iOS devices, in particular your iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, or iPod Touch, a new mobile web browser called Maxthon has just arrived in the iTunes Store ready for download.

Maxthon is already available on the iPad and in a similar vein the mobile web browser version offers a number of features not found within Apple’s Mobile Safari web browser.


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Seedio Combines Multiple iOS Devices To Create One Massive Speaker

A new application called Seedio has arrived on the Apple iTunes App Store which has been created to enable you to combine multiple smartphones together linking to make one massive speaker.

Seedio will support up to 150 devices and works across iOS devices, allowing you to combine both iPad, iPod and iPhone speakers together. But remember you will need a version of Seedio on each device to create a link for the speaker.


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NASA Spacecraft 3D Augmented Reality iPad, iPhone App Launched

NASA has launched a new application for Apple’s iPad and iPhone this week called Spacecraft 3D which in an augmented reality app that allows you to investigate and learn more about NASA spacecraft and their missions.

The NASA iOS app allows you to print off and use augmented reality targets with the iPad/iPhone camera to view closeup images and see how the NASA Spacecraft move and view the spacecrafts engineering feats.

NASA Spacecraft 3D App

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Sonarflow Spotify Companion iOS App Helps Find Music To Suit Your Taste

One of the tricky things with Spotify is finding new tracks that you don’t now the name of, but might enjoy listening to from its 16 million strong library of tracks.

A new iOS app has been created called Sonarflow which has been designed to help you with this, and sits over the top of your Spotify account and providing you with a “visual music discovery overlay”.


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CinePro iPhone App Adds Real-Time Video Filters To Your Footage

Photographers who enjoy capturing video on their iPhone smartphones and would like to add extra filters for effect. May be interested in a new iOS application which has been developed by Mind Diaper, which allows you to add real-time video filters whilst recording via either your front or rear iPhone camera.

Other features of the neat little app include the ability to manually control the ISO, focal length, aspect ratio and frame rate, and there are 5 filters to choose from, including colour gradients, tilt shift and edge detection.


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