Rode Ixy iOS 24-bit Stereo Microphone Available For $200

If you are looking for the 30 pin iOS compatible microphone for use with the older generation of Apple devices, the new Rode Ixy 24-bit Stereo Microphone might be worth more investigation.

The Rode Ixy has been specifically designed for use with Apple devices with up to 24-bit/96k recording and on-board high-fidelity A/D conversion, using the Rode Rec or Rode Rec LE applications, available from the iTunes app store.

Rode Ixy

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iPhone Viewfinder And Daylight App Unveiled By Photojojo

If you miss putting your eye up to your smartphone camera, as you would do on traditional cameras, or simply would like to view what you are taking in bright sunlight a little more easily.

You might be interested in a new iPhone gadget which has been created by Photojojo that allows you to use a eye cup view finder with your iPhone smartphone.

iPhone Viewfinder

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IK Multimedia Lightning Port Equipped iRig HD iOS Adapter

During CES 2013 last week IK Multimedia unveiled a new range of devices it had launched with Android support included allowing Android device owners to enjoy devices from the IK Multimedia including the  IK Multimedia iRig and iKlip.

This week IK Multimedia have announced the release of their iRig HD iOS Adapter which is now equipped with a Apple Lightning port connection, allowing owners of the latest Apple devices to enjoy it.

IK Multimedia Lightning Port

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Incipio Altas iPhone 5 Waterproof Case Supplied With Its Own Warranty (video)

Incipio has unveiled their new Altas Waterproof case which has been created to keep your iPhone 5 safe from water damage, and comes with its own warranty.

The Incipio Altas iPhone 5 case is fitted with a tempered glass screen that protects the iPhone 5′s screen and protects it electronics for one hour full submerged up to depths of 6 ft.

Incipio Altas iPhone 5 Waterproof Case

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Zoom iQ5 iPhone 5 Lightning Microphone Announced

iPhone 5 owners who enjoy capturing video footage on their smartphone and would prefer the sound to be more professional, might be interested in a new microphone which has launched this week by Zoom equipped with Apple’s new Lightning connection.

The Zoom iQ5 has been designed as a Mid-Side stereo mic and is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 6.0 and above, and of course equipped with Apple’s new Lightning 8-pin port connection.



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iPhone5mod EX Hybrid Game Controller Launches For iPhone 5 (video)

iPhone5mod has today launched a new device called the EX Hybrid Game Controller which they have designed to provide Apple’s latest iPhone 5 smartphones with a few extras in the form of an ultrathin keyboard and game controller.

The EX Hybrid Game Controller consists of a case to fit your iPhone 5 that provides a magnetic attachment for a pair of interchangable 2mm thick panels, one offering game controls and the other a full QWERTY keyboard. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

EX Hybrid Game Controller

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Trygger Clip iPhone 5 Polarizing Filter (video)

A new iPhone 5 accessory has landed on Kickstarter this week in the form of the new Trygger Camera Clip which is fitted with a polarizing filter to block noisy light allowing you to take even more professional photographs.

When you use the Trygger the Camera Clip with your iPhone it helps cut out the glare from your photos and unwanted reflections, allowing yout photos to look more like the image you would see with your eyes. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more.

iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

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Mad Catz Unveils New Street Fighter X Sanrio Products

Mad Catz has been making a lot assortment of game controllers and accessories for a number of years it many those products that the company offers are branded with specific video games. The latest line of branded products come from the company is in the range of Street Fighter X Sanrio products and accessories.


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Zensorium Tinké iPhone Adapter Measures Your Cardio-Respiratory Health and Stress Levels (video)

Zensorium has introduced a new device called Tinké, which has been designed for use with Apple’s iOS devices to help you monitor your Cardio-Respiratory health and stress levels.

Tinké uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes to diagnose your health, watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Tinké adapter and see it in action.


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Phillips Lightning Dock Range Launches For iOS Devices

Phillips has taken the wraps off a new range of speaker docks which had been specifically designed for Apple’s iOS devices and are equipped with Apple’s new Lightning connection.

The new range of speaker docks from Philips includes the Bedroom DS1155, Room-to-Room DS3205, Portable DS7580 and top of the range Lifestyle Music System DMC2067.

Phillips Lightning Dock

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