Why Apple Switched From Google Maps To iOS 6 Maps

We heard yesterday that Apple still had around a year left on their maps contract with Google, and there has been a lot of speculation on why Apple changed from Google Maps to their own Maps app so quickly.

According to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, Apple’s contract with Google would have run out around June of next year, meaning they would have had to release their Maps App without a major release of iOS, the next major version , iOS 7, will probably land around September or October of next year.

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Instragram For iOS Updated To Support New iPhone 5, iOS 6

Instagram has updated their popular photo sharing app for Apple’s iOS devices, the latest version is designed to work with iOS 6 and it also now supports Apple’s new iPhone 5 with its larger 4 inch display.

As well as adding in support for the iPhone 5 and Apple’s iOS 6 the new version of Instagram also features a number of bug fixes, plus a couple of new features that you can see below.

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Apple Still Had Over A Year Left On Maps Contract With Google

Earlier today we heard that Google are working on a new Google Maps apps for Apple’s iOS devices, Apple replaced Google Maps with their own Maps App on the iPhone and iPad last week.

There has been speculation that one of the reasons that Apple replaced Google Maps so quickly was that their contract was due to run out, although according to The Verge, Apple and Google had over a year left on their Maps contract.

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Google Maps Coming To iPhone And iPad By The End Of 2012 (Rumor)

Google Maps has been on Apple’s iOS devices since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007, it was replaced last week by Apple’s own Maps App which has come under a lot of criticism since it was released.

Yesterday we heard from Google’s Eric Schmidt that Google has not submitted a new Google Maps app to Apple for approval, and he also didn’t say when Google intended to launch a stand alone Google Maps app for Apple’s iOS.

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iPhone 5 Scratches Are Normal According To Apple’s Phil Schiller

A number of owners of Apple’s new iPhone 5 have been reporting that the black aluminum casing on the handset is easily scratched, and some have even reported that their new iPhone 5 has come with scratches out of the box.

Now one owner of the new iPhone 5, Alex,  has received a reply to an email he sent to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, who has responded that this is normal, you can see the email below.

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iPhone 5 Reservation System Now Live

Apple has now launched its iPhone 5 reservation system on its website, you can now reserve a new iPhone 5 online using Apple’s new service and then arrange to pick up the handset at an Apple store of your choice the next day.

The service is now available in the US and you will be able to reserve a new iPhone 5 between 10PM and 4AM and then pick up the device at an Apple store the next day.

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iPhone 5 Shortages Due To New In Cell Displays

Apple’s new iPhone 5 uses new display technology, the new technology is called in-cell display and the touch sensors are integrated directly into the display rather than being in a separate layer like on the iPhone 4S.

Apple announced yesterday that they had sold 5 million iPhone 5′s in the first weekend, this was below what many analysts had been expecting, but Apple also noted that they had completely sold out of their initial supply of the iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Torture Tests (Video)

Yesterday we saw a video of the iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy S3 where the two devices were dropped to see which one would survive the best, well it looks like the guys from SquareTrade to decided to out the two smartphones through some more rigorous tests.

The video below shows the iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy S3 where the two smartphones have various object dropped on them from a torch to a bottle of beer, and they also decided to immerse both smartphones in water, have a look at the video below.

iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S3

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Sparrow For iPhone To Get Update To Support iPhone 5 Display

Sparrow was one of the best mail apps on the Mac and iPhone, the app was purchased by Google back in July, and we thought that would be the end of the updates for the app on Apple’s iOS devices.

Now it looks like the Sparrow for iPhone will be getting an update to support the new larger 4 inch display on Apple’s new iPhone 5, as Sparrow developer Dom Leca announced on Twitter that an update is on the way.

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Google Has Not Submitted Google Maps App To Apple According To Eric Schmidt

Ever since Apple replaced Google Maps on iOS 6 with their own Maps app we have been hearing that Google has submitted their own Google Maps app to Apple’s app store for approval.

Google’s Eric Schmidt had the following to say on Google Maps on iOS when asked if they had submitted a new app to Apple for approval, according to Bloomberg.

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Woz Says Apple’s iOS 6 Maps Are ‘Disappointing’

Apple’s iOS 6 Maps launched last week with the launch of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, it has replaced Google Maps on Apple devices running iOS 6, and has come under quite a biz of criticism since it was released.

Now Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as described the new iOS 6 Maps as disappointing, and in in interview with ZDNet he has the following to say about iOS 6 Maps.

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