iPhone 5 Cases Finished In Fabric Unveiled By Speck

Speck has launched a range of iPhone 5 cases which combine a hardshell with a fabric finish, allowing you to add a little Chilly outside of your iPhone 5 while providing it with protection.

The new range of colourful fabric finished iPhone 5 cases have created the new range called FabShell for iPhone 5, which Speck describes as : “Fresh fabrics and hard-shell protection combine in a form-fitting, one-piece case.”

iPhone 5 Case

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Snapseed App Receives iOS6 And iPhone 5 Support

Google has this week rolled out a new update for its popular photographic manipulation iOS application Snapseed, which it recently acquired, for an undisclosed amount.

The new update is the first to be rolled out since the acquisition by Google and brings with it support for Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system, together with support for its new larger screened iPhone 5 smartphone.


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iPhone 5 Production Slowing To Improve Aluminum Quality According To Report

There have been a number of reports of people receiving their new iPhone 5 with scratches and nicks on the aluminum casing out of the box, and now according to a recent report Apple is looking to stop devices getting scratched in the production process.

Bloomberg has reported that production of the iPhone 5 is being slowed down, in an attempt to cut down on the number of handsets that are shipped out with scratches to the casing.

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iPhone Maker Foxconn Halts iPhone 5 Production Due To Staff Strike

Apple’s iPhone 5 is already in short supply due to the huger demand for the handset, and now it is possibly that there could be even more shortages of the iPhone 5, as staff at the factory in China which produce the iPhone 5 have walked out.

Foxconn have been forced to halt production of the iPhone 5, as staff are now protesting against working conditions at the factory, this is something that has come under criticism in the past, although Apple looked into the working conditions and reported that they were satisfactory.

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T-Mobile Now Offering iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards

US mobile carrier T-Mobile doesn’t sell Apple’s iPhone 5, although you can now use one of the new iPhone 5′s on T-Mobile’s networks, as the company is now offering the new Nano SIM cards for the iPhone 5.

If you buy one of the unlocked iPhone 5′s from Apple, you can get yourself a Nano SIM card from T-Mobile and use the handset on their network, although you won’t be able to use 4G on T-Mobile as their 4G network is on a different band to the iPhone 5 in most areas.

iPhone 5

T-Mobile are offering the Nano SIM cards on their various plans, and the cheapest one will set you back $69.99 a month, this comes with unlimited texts, talk and data.

T-Mobile has started to offer iPhone 5 compatible 4G in Seattle, Las Vegas and New York, they are expected to expand the service to other cities in the US although they haven’t announced details of which cities will be getting it next.

Source The Verge

Apple Starts Shipping 30 Pin Lightning iPhone 5 Adapter

Apple’s iPhone 5 comes with a new smaller Lightning dock connector, this means that if you want to use any of your old accessories, like iPhone docks, car chargers etc, with the new iPhone then you will need to buy an adapter from Apple.

It looks like Apple has started shipping out the new 30 pin Lightning adapters to customers, as some people in Australia have had notification that their dock adapters are on the way.

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Apple Responds To iPhone 5 Camera Issue

There have been a number of problems reported about Apple’s iPhone 5 and iOS 6 over the last few weeks, one of those is an issue with the camera on the iPhone 5 that causes photos to produce a purplish haze when there is bright light in the photo.

Apple has now responded to the complaints, and has said that this issue affects most small cameras, including every generation of the iPhone, you can see the full statement from Apple below.

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Camera+ iOS App Update Adds iPhone 5 Low Light Photography Mode Support

TapTapTap has rolled out a new update this week for its awesome Camera+ iOS application, which its creators say is one of the first applications, if not the first app to support the iPhone 5′s new low light photography mode.

The new updated Camera+ app also now support higher resolution images when you are sharing them with your friends and family via Facebook.


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Street View Lands On Google Maps Web App On iOS

Apple recently replaced Google Maps on their iOS devices with Apple Maps, which has come under a fair bit of criticism for not being as good as Google Maps, and Google promised to bring some new features to the web version of Google Maps on iOS.

One of those features was adding Street View to the web based version of Google Maps on iOS, last week Google said that Street View would be available ‘within weeks’, and now it looks like Google has managed to add Street View to the iOS web version of Google Maps earlier than expected.

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Apple To Use Select Retail Employees To Improve Apple Maps For iOS 6

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently apologized for Apple Maps, which has come under quite a bit of criticism since it was launched with iOS 6, he also announced that Apple would be working hard to improve the service.

According to MacRumors, one of the ways Apple is looking to improve Apple Maps in iOS 6, is to use select retail employees in different store locations, and apparently participating stores will dedicate 40 hours of staff time per week.

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Apple Maps Uses 80 Percent Less Data Than Google Maps

Since Apple released their new iOS maps app, Apple Maps, which replaced Google Maps on the iPhone, there has been a fair bit of criticism about Apple Maps, this sparked an apology from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who promised that Apple are working hard to fix their maps app.

According to a recent report by Onavo, there is one area where Apple Maps is actually better than Google Maps, that area is data usage, Onavo tested out how much data was used on Google Maps and also how much data was used on Apple Maps.

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iPhone 5 Carrier Data Leak May Be Affecting Other Carriers Than Verizon

There have been a number of reports of an issue regarding mobile data being used on the iPhone 5 when the device was connected to WiFi, the issue was thought to be limited to Verizon Wireless.

Yesterday Verizon released a software update to fix the issue and also said that customers would not be charged for any data they used when the problem occurred, not it would appear that the issue my not be limited to Verizon.

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