Joby iPad Ori Combination Case And Stand (video)

Joby the creators of the Gorillapod have created a unique combined case and stand  for the iPad called the Ori. Which has been constructed from lightweight aluminum with a microfiber lining to prevent your iPad from becoming scratched.

The Ori has been inspired by origami and by folding out different flaps and stands it allows you to position your iPad in a number of different orientations, from the slanted typing pose, to a book page flipping stand to a full eye level movie watching stand.

I just hope it keeps your iPad securely in place and attached while folding it in all these different positions, view the video to see the Ori put through its folding paces after the jump.

Joby iPad

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PURE i-20 Easily Connect Your iOS Device To Your Media Centre

A new i-20 docking station showcased at CES 2011 by PURE has been designed to make connecting your iOS device to your already existing audio or media centre easier than ever and is the only digital iPod dock which supports all of the popular analogue video formats.

The PURE i-20 is apparently compatible with all powered speaker systems that have an auxiliary input with RCA connectors giving analogue output, with the audio being processed on i-20’s integral DAC, providing quality audio through a standard 3.5mm line input.

The i-20also includes two digital outputs; coaxial S/PDIF and optical TOSLINK, bypassing the integral DAC allowing you to play the raw digital audio from your iOS device and your hi-fi amplifier to process the audio.

PURE i-20

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MiLi HD Streams Content From Your iOS Mobile Device

MiLi Power has just unveiled it new MiLi HD device it will be showcasing at CES 2011 later this week. The small docking device allows you to stream media directly from your mobile device directly to your large screen display or home cinema setup.

The MiLi HD is compatible with all Apple media players including the iPad and iPhone and allows you to stream download TV shows and movies and the dock is thought to work with the Hulu service as well. However MiLi specifically names Netflix as one of the services that will definitely work with the new dock.


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Fling iPad Joystick (video)

If you find controlling your characters whilst playing games on your iPad a little tricky, you will be pleased to know that Ten One Designs have created the Fling iPad Joystick to help provide more control whilst playing on your iPad.

The Fling iPad Joystick is a tactile game controller accessory for the iPad that uses suction cups to attach its self to your iPad screen, creating an analog joystick. Check out the video after the jump to see it in action.

Fling iPad Joystick

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iLive Launch Range Of Rotating App Enhanced iPhone iPad Docks

iLive has released a sneak peek of their new range of iPhone and iPad docks they are launching at CES 2011 next week.

Together with traditional docking stations iLive will also be showcasing its new App Enhanced docks offering features such as clocks, multiple alarms, calendars, nature sounds, sleep timers and weather information all controlled from apps on your iOS device.


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Polaroid iPhone 4 Photoroid Decal

If you are looking to add a little retro chiq to your iPhone 4 then this Polaroid Instant Camera decal called Photoroid will definitely help.

The retro decal has been created by Graphic Designer / Production Artist Ryan Astle and its available for the Apple iPod, iPad and Evo and Blackberry and takes around 5 minutes to apply.

Polaroid iPhone 4 Decal

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Retro Cassette Tape Case For Kindle And iPad

If you are looking for a unique case with a retro style for either your Kindle or iPad then these retor 80′s cassette cases can help you lightly cling to some of those colourful 80′s fads.

The retro cassette cases are handmade in California by Lindsey Porter who’s degree in fashion design propelled Lindsey Porter’s childhood hobby of crafting creative tokens to another level.

Cassette Case Kindle iPad

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TabGrip iPad Case

If you find holding on to your iPad a little difficult and feel you need a little extra grip then the TabGrip is definitely worth a look. The tabGrip has been designed to provide extra ergonomic grips on each side of your iPad together with a handy kick stand on the back.

TabGrip iPad Case

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iPad, iPhone HDMI Adapter

If you have been trying to connect your iPad or iPhone device to your large screen TV via HDMI, you will be pleased to know that Sanwa have just released a HDMI adapter makes things a lot easier.

The new HDMI adapter plugs directly into the port at the bottom of your iPad or iPhone and allows you to connect a HDMI cable from your Apple device directly to your large screen display.

apple HDMI adapter

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SoundHound Music Recognition Now Allows Unlimited Song Id’s

SoundHound has now released a free unlimited version of its music recognition search and discovery application. Soundhound is now looking to make its revenue through adverts and sales through linked retailer Amazon.

At the moment details in the press release reveal that the free version is currently only available on iOS devices and not Symbian.


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AmpliTube 2 Arrives On iPad

IK Multimedia have now followed up the launch of their iPhone AmpliTube 2 application with the release of a new iPad version. AmpliTube 2  has been designed to “streamline and enhance the mobile guitar and bass playing experience.”

Packing in plenty of features to help transform your iPad into the ultimate guitar and bass multi-effects processor thats also allows you to recording your creations and tweak them within the included production studio section.

AmpliTube 2

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