PlayOn Adding 100+ Channels To Google Chromecast Media Streaming Device

It has been announced today that Google’s Chromecast $35 media streaming dongle will soon be receiving over 100+ new channels for users to enjoy, thanks to new support for the PlayOn service.

The new Chromecast channels include content from CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central and Hulu and no Hulu Plus subscription is required.

Chromecast PlayOn

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Error Kills Free Google Drive Storage for AT&T HTC One M8, Should Arrive in Mid-May

HTC One M8 is an amazing device, which has received its fair share of reviews. The device comes with HTC Advantage program which offer users with one-time screen replacement in the first six months, as well as guaranteed updates and free 50GB Google Drive storage.

If you’re rocking an AT&T HTC One m8, there’s a bad news for you. An error has killed the free 50GB Google Drive storage on the AT&T HTC One M8, but the good thing is that company is aware of the issue, and said it will come back in mid-May.

HTC One M8

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Nest Thermostat Can Now Be Purchased From The Google Play Store

If you are considering purchasing a new Nest Thermostat from the company recently purchased by Google for $3.2 billion. The next generation of innovative home thermostat is now available to purchase directly from the Google Play Store.

The Nest Thermostat Is priced at $249 and has been designed to replace your heating programmer enabling you to control your heating from one place, and connect to it using your smartphone or tablet when required to adjust the settings.

Nest Thermostat

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Google Hangouts Receives An Update With Merged Conversations And More

Google has updated its Hangouts app, and introduced a number of new features and enhancements to the app, including merged conversations, widget support and a bunch of performance improvements.

Merged conversations is a new feature, more like iMessage on the iPhone, which merges SMS and Hangouts conversation with a same recipient. Users also get the ability to merge and unmerge conversations at will.

Google Hangouts

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Share Google+ Auto Backup Photos Easily Through Gmail

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our daily routine. We don’t only use them to make calls, send messages or check emails. It’s also used as a camera, since it’s one of the most important component of the smartphones these days.

If you’re an Android user with Auto Backup feature enabled, there’s some good news for you. Now, you can easily insert your photos from your phone to Gmail messages on the web.


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Google Glass KitKat Update To Roll Out Soon

Recently, Google Glass went on sale for just one day for the folks in the US for a whopping $1,500, with a limited number of units available. The program invited general public to get their hands on the device, and be a part of the company’s explorer program.

The folks at Google Glass took it to Google Plus and announced the wearable will get the Android 4.4 KitKat update next week, which will bring a number of new features for the device.

Google Glass

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Aereo Live TV Chromecast Support Arrives May 29th

It has been announced this week that Aereo the service that allows subscribers to view live as well as time-shifted streams of over-the-air television on Internet-connected devices. Will start supporting Google’s Chromcast media streaming device from May 29th of this year.

Recently more and more services are now becoming supported by Google’s Chromecast HDMI dongle allowing them to be streamed directly to your HDTV.


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Google Testing New Re-Designed Android Calendar App

It has been reported this week that Google is currently in the process of testing a major new design for its Android Calendar application.

Russell Holly over at the Geek website has been able to use an Android phone with a new version of Timely running on it. Timely apparently is the internal name that Google have given their Android Calendar application and as with all of their software is currently being tested before launch.

New Android Calendar App

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Chrome 34 Launches With New Features, Enhancements And Performance Tweaks

Today Google developers have announced the release of Chrome 34 from the testing channel to the Stable channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The latest Chrome 34.0.1847.116 version includes a number of fixes and improvements, including, a number of new apps/extension APIs and a different look for Win8 Metro mode.


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Samsung Chromebook 2 Notebooks Now Available To Pre-Order From $320

If you are patiently waiting for the launch of the new Samsung Chromebook 2 notebooks, you will be pleased to know that they are now available to preorder from $320, with shipping starting later this month.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is available in two models either the Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6 inch or the slightly larger Samsung Chromebook 2 13.3 inch.

Samsung Chromebook 2

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BT Sport iOS And Android Apps Now Supports Google Chromecast

Adding to the ever growing list of supported devices, Google and BT Sport have today announced that Google’s Chromecast media streaming device is now supported by BT Sport apps from both iOS and Android devices.

Allowing users to stream footage directly to your large screen HDTV via Google’s Chromecast HDMI dongle from the official BT Sport iOS and Android applications.

Google Chromecast

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Flixster Movie Android App Update Enables Google Chromecast Support

Following on from the announcement earlier this week that Rhapsody and Napster now support Google’s Chromecast media streaming dongle.

Android movie application Flixster has also this week announced the rollout of a new update to its Android application which brings with it support for Google’s Chromecast media streaming device.

Flixster Chromecast

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