New Tron Legacy Trailer (Video)

We have seen a few of these official trailers for Tron Legacy before on Geeky Gadgets, a new one has just been released and it is the best one so far.

The new Tron legacy movie features Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, along with Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wild and Bruce Boxleitner and will be in theaters in December 2010.

Tron Legacy

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Recycled MacBook Keys USB Drive

We have featured a few different homemade USB drives here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one will appeal to all the Apple fans out there, the Recycled Mac Keys USB Drive.

As the name suggests, the Recycled Mac Keys USB Drive uses keys from a MacBook keyboard, to spell out the word Mac, it also comes with 2GB of storage.

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Plastic Bottle Boat Completes Pacific Crossing

Plastiki a boat built using plastic drinking bottles for its main floatation has successfully crossed the Pacific arriving on Monday in Sydney Australia, after completing the 11,000 mile crossing.

12,000 soft-drink bottles were using in the construction for the buoyancy of the 60ft Plastiki boat, which set sail from Sausalito, Calif., just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, on March 20th 2010.


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New 3D Gesture Control System Makes Minority Report Look Dated (video)

3D Gesture control represented in movies such as Minority Report starring Tom Cruise is always great to see and normally so far fetched that real-life technology takes years to match the movie.

Well a new 3D gesture control system designed ad developed by Fraunhofer is looking to make the Minor Report system resemble an old Windows 3.1 computer. Check out the video of the system in action, after the jump.

Gesture Control System

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Rocket Car Aims To Reach 1,050 mph In 42 Seconds

The Bloodhound Education Programme, aiming to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics has created a rocket car that is aiming to achieve 1,050 mph in 42 seconds.

The car has been under development for more than three years and is just now moving of the computer and into reality, to create a car that will travel faster than a speeding bullet. Check out the video after the jump.

Rocket Car

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Custom NES Mouse Pads

Here is a cool accessory for your geeky office, the custom NES Moue Pads. each of the custom NES mouse pads have been created by 8BitMemory who has brought us some cool creations in the past like the cool NES Cartridge Hard Drives.

There are quite a few NES game themed mouse pads available including Super Mario Bros, as well as some cool NES games like Zelda, and if you dont fancy one of the ones listed, you can even choose to have a custom one made with your favourite NES of SNES games.

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Retro Rainbow Apple iPhone 4 Logo Decal

Some of our readers will remember the cool rainbow iPad decal, that turns your iPad logo into a retro Apple logo, now there is a version available for the new iPhone 4, the Retro Rainbow Apple iPhone 4 Logo Decal.

The Retro Rainbow Apple iPhone 4 Logo Decal is designed to replace the logo on the back of your iPhone 4, it certainly looks cool from the photos.

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