Opus XIII Watch By Harry Winston (video)

If you are looking for a unique watch then the new Opus XIII watch, which has a series of 59 moving ticks to represent the minutes and has been created by American watchmaker, Harry Winston.

The Opus XIII Watch is fitted with a HW4101 movement and its fitted with rhodium plated hands, including the triangular shaped hour hands. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Opus XIII watch and see it in action.

Opus XIII Watch

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Iron Man Mouse Launches Ahead Of Movie Release (video)

If you can’t get enough of Iron Man gear, you are sure to like this Iron Man mouse which has been launched in conjunction with E-Blue and Marvel Studios.

The Iron Man Mouse has been designed to look like the helmet from Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit and is the first limited edition Iron Man 3 wireless mouse of its kind.

Iron Man Mouse

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ThinkGeek and Scottevest Announce Tropiformer Jacket

Scottevest is a company that has been around for a long time making jackets that are designed to hold an incredible amount of electronics and other items inside. The company has teamed up with ThinkGeek to unveil a new jacket aimed at geeky travelers called the Tropiformer. The jacket has sleeves that are held on by magnets so you can convert it to a vest in warmer climates.


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Steampunk PC Lets You Enjoy BioShock Infinite In Style

Reddit user CodyOdi has published photographs of a new steampunk PC he has created, which would be perfect for enjoying a little gameplay on the new BioShock Infinite game.

As you can see from the images below CodyOdi has incorporated a numbe rof awesome features into his steampunk PC including plenty of brass cogs and finishes, right down to the systems speakers.

Steampunk PC

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Carbon Fiber Alpaca Guitar is Designed to Survive the Road

It seems like every camping trip I’ve ever been on, there has been at least one person that brought a guitar along. It also seems like everyone I’ve ever known that owns a guitar is constantly worrying about someone breaking it. A company out of Vermont called Alpaca Guitar creates incredibly cool carbon fiber guitars that are designed to be rugged.


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